Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: Toss & Turn

Our usual Saturday-date in town when we decided to go healthy. :D

Toss & Turn is a real gourmet soup, salad & sandwich bar opened by the same people from my favourite Cedele.

The concept here is very simple, they have a salad counter where you can order and customised your healthy bowl. It kinda reminds me of Uppercrust.

The place is pretty much like a 'fastfood' chain. You find your own table before you proceed to the counter to purchase your food. I'm actually pretty amazed by the crowd. Looks like healthy-eating is getting more and more popular in Singapore. :)  

Our table of healthy but yummy food!

For a reguar salad, you have the choice of choosing 1 leafy base, 1 carbo, 2 meat, 2 sides.  

If you think salad is not gonna fill you up (not true actually), there is choice of sandwiches too. Here's our choice, prawn and avocado sandwich.  
We also had a soup of the day which comes along with the sandwich.

Before you dig in you need to always snap a photo. :P

Anyhow, we really enjoyed our experience there. What I really would suggest is a bigger space to accommodate more dinning tables and chairs as the place gets really crowded during peak hours.

And then the boy went for his shopping-craze again. lol.

OOTD, taken with the boy's knee on the ground. :P

ION Orchard #B4-55
Singapore 238801
Contact: 6636 5835
Operating Hours: 1100 - 2200 daily


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