Tuesday, January 14, 2020

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency Review

It's always a mixed feeling for me to end confinement. While I'm happy to gain back my freedom, I do miss aunty a lot! 

Before I start, I know a lot of you will wonder why I didn't engage the same confinement nanny recommendation as my first pregnancy

Well, I love to! However, my previous nanny has been booked during my EDD period hence I have to go for another nanny. Though upset that I couldn't have the same nanny, I trust PEM with their pool of well trained confinement nanny. PEM is afterall the biggest nanny agency in Singapore. It is safe to say that they have Singapore best confinement nanny! You can read about my previous PEM confinement review here

Aunty Wong Li Ping (#362) was being assigned to me this time round and I have a great 28 days of confinement thanks to her. 

Now, some of you may feel that as a second time mum, I would have more experience now. Hence, I can do away with confinement nanny. 

I beg to differ. 

I think no matter each pregnancy it is, it is still important to engage a confinement nanny. Here are my reasons. 

1. Rest and recuperate 
This is obvious. After delivery, new mummy's body is still very weak and may even be in pain. You will need all the help that you can get as well as all the nutrients for your body to heal. You will be thankful to have your nanny to take care of the newborn and cook you nutritional food while you focus on healing your body. For me, it took about a week before I recovered from my stitches. So that one week, I was so thankful to have aunty Li Ping around the house!

2. Caring for firstborn
With a new member in the family, it is important not to neglect your elder kid(s) too. Be sensitive to their feeling for sure. So during my confinement, I can always trust aunty to take care of Kaylene while hubby and I focus on Jaylene to make sure that she doesn't feel left out. It was a great arrangement for us. We didn't get any jealousy from Jaylene and she adores meimei very much. 

Speaking of cooking nutritional meals. Do forget to take up the herbal package by PEM. You just need one package like this to last you the entire confinement period. I really like that they make it so fuss free! 

This package consists of the ingredients for aunty to make red dates longan tea, daily herbal soup and herbal bath. 

Chinese confinement food focuses a lot on herbal soup to help postpartum woman to recuperate. 

You can see that throughout the 28 days, I had different types of soups to help me to heal and strengthen my body. I love the third and fourth week's soups especially! 


I cannot stress on how on how important to maintain personal hygiene during the confinement period. Especially when you're breastfeeding! It's fine to bathe. In fact I shower everyday during my confinement using this herbal bath that aunty boils for me daily. One of the function is to expel wind in your body!

Now let's talk about my favourite part of confinement, Chinese confinement food! To be honest, being able to eat all the yummy food makes confinement much more enjoyable for me! Haha! My previous nanny set the bar really high (read my PEM confinement review), luckily aunty Li Ping is a very experienced nanny, cooking Chinese confinement food is her forte. 

Let me show you some of my favourite meals! It's going to be make you hungry! 


I usually have my breakfast around 8am and aunty would cook noodles soup or porridge for me. Because I love "hong zao" very much, aunty always make "hong zao ji mee sua" for me! Love it! 


My lunch is usually a noodles dish with a herbal soup. 

I love aunty's creativity! Like confinement friendly ee-fu noodles is my favourite! Even simple macaroni soup tasted supreme! 


Usually aunty cooks 3 dishes + 1 soup.

I love aunty's vinegar pig trotters! A must have on Chinese confinement food!

My elder girl have her dinner with us too and she enjoyed the meals cooked by aunty too! 

Because I'm over supply for my breastmilk production, hence I didn't request aunty to make any breastmilk boosting food for me. But if you need, you can always request aunty to make for you. 

Last but not least and the most important part of nanny's job is to care for my baby. From the way aunty speaks and the way she looks at Kaylene, I can tell that aunty has a fondness for babies. So I guess that's why she enjoys being a confinement nanny even though it is not easy being one. 

I always like to watch aunty and Kaylene's interaction. I'm guessing that Kaylene likes aunty too! She always give aunty a smile whenever she hears aunty's voice! Aunty doesn't just care for Kaylene only. She helps with my elder girl, Jaylene too. Aunty loves to play with her and when I'm caught up with things, she will take the initiative to entertain and care for Jaylene even though it is not part of her job scope. 

Speaking about taking initiative, aunty Li Ping is really nice! When she has spare time, she will offer to help us to clean and tidy up our house. Like wiping the cabinets and tidying up my shelves. From her gesture, you can tell that she is a very friendly and easy going nanny, I enjoy chatting with her very much! You know it is important to feel comfortable with the person whom you will be living with for the next 28 days! Otherwise, confinement is going to be miserable! :P

All in all, we are very thankful to have aunty Li Ping being assigned to us. If you're looking for confinement lady to recommend Singapore, I will recommend her. :) 

In fact, having been with PEM for both of my confinement, I would recommend them to potential mummies! You can learn more about PEM confinement review here or enquire now


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