Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review: Vintage High Tea @ House Dempsey (Birthday 2015)

Ok, so I'm going to blog about me turning another year 'young'. Hahaha! 

Birthday to me is not just about celebrating that we are another year wiser, it also serves as a reminder to me on the amount of pain that my mum has went through to deliver me. When I was younger, I used to focus a lot about it being MY birthday, but now, I've learnt to look for another perspective. :) 

So meanwhile I wished myself a happy birthday, I did not forget to thank my mum for giving birth to me as well! <3 

On a side note, I'm grateful to all the warm birthday wishes that I've received as well. :') 

So on the day of my birthday, 20th March. He told me not to have a heavy lunch because he's going to bring me somewhere for tea! 


He didn't reveal where, but I guessed it correctly still! 

House Dempsey for their vintage high tea!

So happy to be here because I've always wanted to be here!! Me being the very vintage inclined type of girl and for my love for sweets! :D 


The only sad thing is I just got my wisdom tooth removed (both sides of my mouth), so I was actually quite upset since my face was still quite swollen then. T.T 

Anyway, the beautiful set up! 

One section for sweets.

Another for savoury! 

There is also a separate table for bread and assorted spreads as well! ^^

My favourite is the beef bolognese and pineapple tuna spread! So yummy that I had 2 rounds of these! :D

A closer look at the savoury items. They are mainly small bites, so don't expect to come here to fill your stomach with savoury items ya? 

The savoury items that didn't leave deep impressions in me. But I do remember eating quite a number of those addictive sausages that were wrapped in pastry puff! 

Otherwise, the rest were just.. passable. 

Even this chicken burgers, which really look awesome turned out to be quite meh. Haha! The chicken was good, but the burger bun was so dry and hard! 

Savoury items aside, THIS is the highlight of the high tea buffet. The sweets!! 

I literally went crazy over here! Haha! 

*insert heart shape eyes*

Not just do they look yummy, the plating and decoration were so pretty and classy as well!!! 

I'm definitely not the only one spamming photos over here! I sure have lots of company! :P 

Oh, be sure to check this drink station at the side! It's a homemade basil lemonade if I'm not wrong! Really refreshing! It goes on a first-come-first-serve basis, once it's out, there won't be any replacement. 

Back to food. <3 

Can you see that I was trying to cover my puff face using my hair? Heh. 

That mini pastry puff sausage! I miss you~ 

The tuna pineapple spread and beef bolognese! The thai chicken was ok. But it feel weird to eat it like this without some rice/noodles/pasta. We were thinking it would be good if pasta is included in the buffet menu as well. 

And so I got my sausages puffs. Heh. 

My favourite is still the sweet as well! And let me tell you, if you're a macaron lover, please grab more of their matcha red bean macarons! It was so good!!! I wanted to get more after this piece, but when I headed back, they were all gone~ and no replenishment please. When the item is gone, they will just replace with other sweets. 

Birthday girl's heart was broken then. :'( 


The chocolate macaron was good too, but not as great as the matcha and red bean one! 

The salted caramel and cream puffs are worth a try, but my favourite on this plate were the pear tart was well as the orange pound cake! Yum! 

The cakes were generally above average! The boy loved the strawberry Victoria cake a lot apparently! Haha! 

So here comes my "birthday cake". 

hehe.. The boy tired to surprise me with this, but! He was looking all so suspicious then, so I knew something isn't wrong and true that the next moment at the corner of my eyes, I saw the waiters carrying a plate of cakes, coming towards me. Heh. 

Nonetheless, still feel so happy with the 'surprise'. hehe.. He actually told me that the waiters suggested to gather and sing a birthday song for me?!

Thank god, Mr Tan knew I would probably be more embarrassed than anything so he rejected that offer. *phew*

By the way, the vintage high tea comes with a choice of tea or coffee for each diner as well! :) 

Overall the experience at the high tea was good, even though we felt that the spread was quite limited in terms of the savoury items, but for the price, it is really worth coming! Extra points to good services as well! The gentleman were so observant to our needs and they all had really bright smiles on their faces which really made the dining experience much more enjoyable too. :)

8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672
Contact: 6475 7787

VINTAGE HIGH TEA PARTY EVERY THURSDAY & FRIDAY FROM 3PM TO 5.30PM @ $30++/pax, 10% off for those come dressed to the 1920s (Think: The Great Gatsby)

After the nice high tea buffet, the boy drove us to Sentosa Boardwalk. This place reminds special in our hearts and we'll always come here on almost all special occasions! :D

The we walked our way to dinner. 

Yes, I'm sure you are not new to my appetite. :P 

Sadly, Insadong Korea Town was kinda a disappointment. :/ I wasn't expecting say very authentic Korean food, but at least close too. Sad to say, the food here was nowhere there. :/ 

Ended the great celebration with a movie, Cinderella". ^^

Thank you for making me feel no less like a princess as well. :') 

Eh.. don't judge my balloon ok! Haha! 


Birthday #ootd. :)

Stay tune for my part 2 and 3 of celebration! :D



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