Friday, April 1, 2016

Birthday Celebration 2016 // Bread Street Kitchen @ MBS

Turned a year older (hopefully a year wiser too), just 2 weekends back. ^^

As usual, I like my birthday to be celebrated with my love ones. 

It started with a pre-pre-birthday surprise from Mr Tan.


He arranged flower delivery 2 days before my birthday so that I'll be surprised. :') 

Birthday eve was well spent with Mr Tan. 

We made a big breakfast together in the kitchen. 

By together, I meant I cooked, he washed.


No, that weren't the full set. 

It was this. :P 

<3 sunny side up.

Scrambled eggs in American style! ^^

Of course, our all time favourite - baked eggs!

You can find these recipes under my 'recipe tab'. ^^

It's not difficult to tell how full we were after the brunch. 

Hahaha! :P

For dinner, he brought me for another feast! 

OMG! Been wanting to try this place for the longest time because Gordon Ramsay! :D 

Before we even tried the food, we were already in love with the complimentary bread basket that was being served to us! Haha!

The butter was so good! Easily one of the best we've tasted! So good that both of us spread thick layers on our bread. Hahaha!

In fact, we requested for another basket of breads because we love the bread and butter so much. :D

But the problem is..

We were quite full before our food arrived. 


Beef Wellington, $80.

The reason why he brought me here. :')

This beef Wellington requires 5 days in advance order. Mr Tan even showed me the order form that he has to fill in to preorder.  I don't understand why to this extent though. To make it special?

Served with mash potato, broccoli and roasted carrots, which were very very good!

The famed beef wellington is definitely on the pricey side. But it's worth that spur on! We love the pastry skin especially! 

Fish & chips, $26.
Quite a big portion too!

I love those thick-cut fries!

Complimentary birthday cake on the house. 
So sweet of bread street kitchen to give a personal touch to the plate. In general, I think the service that day was really good. They carried big smiles and were very quick to respond. 

Felt really thankful for him. 

It was a wonderful dinner, not just because I finally dined at my idol's restaurant, but because of the love I've received from my husband-to-be. :') 

Bread Street Kitchen
Marina Bay Sands Bay Level L1-81, 
2 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes, 
Singapore S018972
Tel: +65 6688 5665
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 5:30pm (Lunch), 
5:30pm – 10pm (Sun-Wed), 
5:30pm – 12am (Dinner), 11:30am – 1am (Sun), 11:30am – 2am (Fri-Sat)

Moving on, on my birthday itself, it was well spent with my family. ^^

Nothing fanciful, just a cosy steamboat in the comfort of our home. <3

This was my birthday cake this year, baked by dearest Mr Tan. 

Taro layer cake. 

It's not the nicest cake out there..

But it was one of the most delicious cake I've tasted.

Was so touched by the effort he put in to plan and execute all these. T.T 

Thank you, Mr Tan. <3 


Other than being thankful, it's still thankful.
The many angels in my life too! The ones who texted me on the dot at 12am. The ones who whatsapp-ed me, the ones who wrote on my Facebook wall, the ones who wished me on IG, Dayre and other social media platforms. 

Thank you.



  1. Hi Lirong, blessed belated birthday.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Hi Priscilla,

      thank you! <3


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