Yes results are out! The night before, I couldn’t sleep :( I was like ‘faster faster fall asleep pls! there is a night cycling tml!’ I always have hard of sleeping before the release of results :( Finally when I fall asleep, I dreamed that… I GOT KICKED OUT OF NUS COX MY CAP WAS TOO CUI! so encouraging dream… >.<
A stupid SMS disturbed my sleep! I was thinking which idiot msged me at this hour! Refused to answer the msg, but iphone have this program that will continue to sound like every 10mins unless u answer it.. right, irritated and finally picked up the msg.  Saw a msg from NUS – with all my sem 2 results! damn! wanted to go back to sleep but so disturbed by the results. It was disappointing.
Numbed myself by watching 200 pounds beauty @ breakfast

Juyin told me the movie was very touching, through the movie I was thinking ‘touching meh? why I dont feel anything?’ LOL! Only at the end then I understand. HAHA! Don’t like the ending though…
Watched He’s Just Not That Into You @ lunch

Satisfied and prepare for night cycling!
I think I’m the earliest the reach! HAHA! Circle line is so convenient for me! wheeee~ In the end… the attendance was like SUPER BAD! I think a lot of people actually didn’t turn up becox of their results. Seriously I feel cheated. I don’t feel like cycling at all also loh! aiks..
Not much appetite for dinner, went to Banquet @ Parkway Parade with the rest.

Yong Tao Foo
I told the auntie ‘米粉干’ but somehow the auntie heard as ‘东粉汤’. Luckily I didn’t have appetite if not I’m going to be so upset! HAHA!
We rotted at ECP from near 7pm to 10pm then start our night rider! There were only like half the sports comm thr :( Me, Juyin, Paula, Hussein, Ervin, Cindy, Serene + bf, Mosses, Sufyan, Sean, Kenny and Javin. Was quite touched that Wei Kit came too! So nice of him! :D
Throughout the waiting, juyin, paula and I were talking about like Uni life and things. I think I screwed my CAP by being too ‘happening’ in Uni. I mean it’s a good thing but there is always a side effect and that is my results. SO! next sem! LIBRARY I WILL VISIT U MORE! Gossip Girl encourages me to study! LOL! Funny right? haha! I like the way that Dan just sits in the cafe with books and study. I’M GOING TO BE LIKE THIS TOO!
A part of me now can’t wait to leave uni, I’m tired of being judged based on curves after curves and not being able to achieve results. Basically Uni has really demoralised me la! :( But I don’t wanna leave cox I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! aiks.. Just give me a rich man! LOl!
Anyway my 2nd night riding!
Cycled from ECP -> Stadium -> Suntec -> Rocher’s beancurd -> SMU -> Lao Ba Sha -> Fullerton Hotel -> Singapore Flyer -> ECP
Total time: 6.5 hrs! We reached ECP again at 4.30am.
Was kinda fast! Cox we nua-ed at Rocher’s stop and Lao ba sha! These 2 food stops were like Juyin, Paula and my motivation to keep cycling! We totally dont feel like going la! :(

Rocher's beancurd!
Wheee~ This is what Pau, Jy and I shared! Beancurd rox! Poor Ervin’s soya drink was being contaminated by our You Tiao! HAHA!

Comfort food :D
Actually, I only enjoyed the silky beancurd! The fried ones were only passable, well they are famous for BEANCURD! haha!

Empty Lao Ba Sha @ 3+am

Happily looking at the desserts!
Wanted to order desserts but only to find out that the stall was already closed. It’s weekday what to expect :( Anw! The Strawberry Ice Kachang will always be rmbed by GAMBITS! LOL!
Went to McDonald after we are done! The rest had breakfast while I napped. LOL! Ok, although I was quite reluctant of cycling at first, but I didn’t regret la. A great night spent with friends and great scenery of singapore! haha! But the price is a super painful butt! :( :( :( I feel old….. last year’s night cycling was even more xiong, but I didn’t feel this tired. :(
Hussein drove us back. THANKS!
When I reached home, the whole family was already up! Mum and Dad preparing for work while bro has school. Bathing was the first time in my mind! Damn sticky! Had breakfast together with family before I knocked off! haha! My family hasn’t sit down and have breakfast for donkey years! Cox everyone like wake up at diff time! Quite meaningful ;)
Knocked off immediately when my head touches the bed! lol! But my good sleep only lasted for 4 hours :( DADDY blasted my phone at 12+pm to dig me out of bed for lunch!
T.T – my army style dad.
I was literally having a headache how to eat sial!
So in 4 hours time, I brushed my teeth twice.
Watched Valentine’s Day @ lunch!

I like the movie better than He’s just not that into you.
But the movie a bit long sial.. I was laying on the sofa waiting for it to end so that I can go back and sleep again. :X
Finally woke up around 5pm :D
I’m not going to have enough sleep again for the next 3 days :( Going to camp tml and I haven’t pack my things!

So happening