That’s my new given name by my dad! Cox I slurped half a bowl of my-all-time-favourite: PUMPKIN! yay! And my bowl is like really big! Bigger than any of your head! LOL! Ok, I kinda don’t mind my new name – for pumpkin’s sake ;) I think dad feels proud too! Cox the more I eat literally translate how good a chef he is! HAHA! Other than pumpkin, there was also braised pork trotters! Awwww~ After my dinner, I feel as if I have a baby in me. LOL! Bloated to the extent that I can’t even sit down! So uneasy :( You know like something around your tummy area is fighting against you. :(
Ok, I think I should learn to stop eating when I feel the fullness. Hate the feeling of being super bloated! D:
Thanks Dad for the good dinner! Mum also no.1! YAY!
On a side note, my tutees got back their results today! One got A1 the other got A2! I was like ‘phew’ inside my heart! HAHA! I feel the stressfulness of being a tutor now. Luckily they did well! If not I think the mother might just order their dog (yes they have a dog at home!) bite me! D:
AND TML SHALL BE MY JUDGEMENT DAY! OMG! I don’t feel nervous at all… HAHAHAHA!
May I wake up with an encouraging SMS in my hp! :D