Woke up @ 630am to travel to East Coast Park. In the end took too long to finish my breakfast so it was 730 by the time I was on the bus :X Luckily the journey wasn’t too long :)
BUT! I went to the wrong exit!!! T.T in the end I have to walk from carpark c2 to D1 which was FREAKING FAR! Under the morning sun too! Sad! I indirectly did a marathon walk when I could have taken another exit and reach in less than a min! stupid me! grrrr!
While walking there is this ‘nice’ uncle that came up and greeted me!
In my heart I was like: wow! This uncle is so super friendly leh!
So as a nice person, I returned the greeting AND THEN HE BLEW ME THIS FLY KISS! *vomit*
OMG! The disgusting kind la! DAMN PISSES OFF! Retarded man! )^%*&$$#&^%@^#i*&o*
Yups, In the end I was late :X haha! But actually nothing much to do there also. LOL!
random: guy that play guitar is so ATTRACTIVE! :D haha! I’m referring to this guy that performed on stage. He had this really serious face while playing guitar and somehow that attracts my eyes :D
After the event we had a surprise cake for Geraldine!  Hussein bought this really nice NUTELLA CAKE from POLAR! Really very very very nice! :D omg! This is my next love after Bengawan Solo’s Pandan Kaya Cake :D YUM! (photo will be up! haha)
Bought this goodies bag from 2 cute girls!
Awesome.Amazing.Delicious NUTELLA CREAMY CAKE!:D
Welcome the birthday girl!
FLAG! <3 PS: Hidaya's mouth! LOL!
Then we went to Terminal 3 for lunch @ popeyes!!! Cox I was craving for their biscuit and mashed potato!! wheeee~ So good to have Hidaya having the same craving! One more person to persuade the rest to eat popeyes! HAHA!
See! my fav biscuits! hoho!
Seafood platter
See how pathetically small the mashed potato was :(
love the salty fries! <3
All the food were literally in front of Hidaya and I. LOL!  I need to feed my pet. HAHA:D
I find popeyes not very satisfying for today. LOL! I think cox 8 of us actually shared a feast that is only meant for 4 ppl! HAHA! And the mashed potato was so pathetically SMALL! :( Totally not enough for all of us! The chicken pieces wasn’t very nice too :( not crispy at all.. But the french fries were good! I love their fries as much as I love LJS’s fries! <3
After eating popeyes I will always feel super THIRSTY! I think it’s too much salt for me :(
Chilled a while after lunch den Hussein sent me, Juyin and Qiujing home. (thank you!)
Today is SUNDAY! Meaning -> MY DAD IS COOKING! wheeee~ I always love my dad’s culinary skills! hoho! Most importantly he only cook things that I love! (sorry dear bro :X)
Today dad was a bit crazy! As in he over cooked la! Cooked too many dishes!
1. Herbal chicken soup
2. Fish soup
3. Fishballs +vege soup
4. fried fish
5. stirred fried carrot
6. scrambled egg with onion

Though mum eats a lot, it’s still mission impossible to finish them! Nonetheless it was a lovely dinner with family <3