Met Hidaya, Juyin, Qiu Jing and Yong Fatt and Orchard Central to donate blood together! UP GOOD KARMA :D
But out of 5 of us, only Qiujing and YongFatt survived through! LOL! (like some battleground. lol)
1. I died first at the weighing scale and Hb test
2. Juyin was ‘disqualified’ at the final stage! LOL! cox her blood vessel was too small :( SO CLOSE!
3. Hidaya died when she was donating half way!!! She wasn’t feeling well :( AND HER BLOOD WAS THREW AWAY! such a waste la!
Not the day for us :( Well, we tried our best!
I have photos but I’m lazy to transfer them :X HIDAYA I HAVE PHOTOS OF U ‘FAINTING‘ LOL!
Fatty in action!
Qiu Jing!
Hidaya, still surviving
I was thick face enough to sit thr and enjoy the snacks, though I didn't donate any blood :X
Juyin went SEOUL GARDEN after that! Nvm 16 June I’ll be there! HAHA :D :D
Was suppose to head to yishun to meet SQ after donation but was late so changed to 313!! how nice! YAY! Went 313′s foodstreet for lunch! I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS A B3 IN 313! (NOOB) Omg! I’m so in love with the food street in 313! <3 Another reason to love 313 more! :D
After eating we WALKED to PS under the heartless HOT + BURNING sun :( My heart my bleeding. LOL!

photos will be added SOON!