Back from Prep-Scamp! 2 Camps down! 3 more to go! HAHA!
Had a super great 3D2N camp! I’m so looking forward to actual SCAMP now! HAHA! We have the most AWESOME PEOPLE in INAGAWA! WE ROX! YAY! Especially KATANA!
Love the people very much! Had so much fun with them! Bought camera but didn’t take much photos cox everyone is like playing the games and no one to help with the photo-taking. HAHA!
Katana girls! + Angela
Heng Qian aka OGL! She is soo cute + blur! HAHA! Quite fun to sit back, enjoy and watch her blur-ness. LOL!
Marzuki! He is also super cute la! Like some animate! HAHA!
Mel and Mui Mui! Mel also super cute and sweet!!! Love them both too! They look like some really quiet girls in the beginning BUT they are not! haha!
Not forgetting HIDAYA aka AOGL, Pink Merlion, PET, many many many more! She has made a LOT of names for herself ;)
Ok, there are also Weicun that constantly vanishes to somewhere and Zi Han who was called back to serve the nation. LOL!
Played Dry games and the station that I deeply rmb was the one that I ran like MAD under the burning sun! Not suitable for ‘retiree’ like me. LOL! The highlight of the day was SOA at some old and run down primary school. The location of cox was to scare us and it did successfully freaked hidaya out! HAHA! She was holding my hands while walking. LOL! That’s cute. HAHAHAHA! Had lots of fun there especially with the ‘battling’! The only thing was the station where I had to eat WHITE BREAD WITH STRAWBERRY JAM! That’s 100X worse than eating white rice :(
This is my 2nd pack, the first one didn't have fishcake! I'm so 'lucky' The pack was saved by the chicken!
Bean spouts donated by Hidaya to me :D We got excited with the deep fried fish with thousand island sauce!
Woke up at 9am!!! whoohoo~ Since when we can sleep till 9am in camps right? AWESOME~
Had wet games, amazing race, mass dance, rag game and SP thingy. The weather wasn’t good, so we only played like 3 wet stations and started to rain heavily. No diff, cox we were all wet from Paula’s station! HAHA! And I survived the day with my wet clothings! Salute my fantastic immune system!:D
Bought my own breakfast! Refuses to eat the roti provided. HAHA!:D
I say this is the best pack for the whole camp! Cox of the sweet and sour fish!:D Sweet and sour wins EVERYTHING.
Super salty egg (Heng Qian totally did not touch it due to the salty-ness)
The best day! Cox it’s Sentosa day! But the weather wasn’t good again:( Was only at our 3th station and it starting to rain :( Again, we were all wet and sandy. Weather finally clears and had WAR GAMES! Wet all over again. But this is the purpose. HAHA! Finally break camp, washed up and went to Vivo city with INAGAWA for dinner!
My own D-plus breakfast:D
Marzuki treated us 'Tai Yang Bing' From Taiwan. THUMBS UP!
This pack could be the best if there was thousand island sauce on the fish!
Ta bao - Yong Tau Fu! I miss soup and noodles so so much! This saves my voice too! HAHA!
Actually the main objective of me bringing camera was to take photo of FOOD, not HUMAN. lol!
Overall I super enjoyed the camp! This is so so so different from Chong Boon Camp la! HAHA! So.. the people in the camp really matters. LOL! So glad to have people like Brenda, Yuan Chun, Angela, Ben, Edwin, Zhi Zhong, Shu Qing, Jin Fa and many in the house! Each of them are so unique and brings more colour to INAGAWA!  And the camp food is so so so much better! haha! And I got carried away in the camp! Was blasting everyone’s ears! HAHA! So did Hidaya! I have no idea hidaya screams well too! WHY DIDN’T YOU SHOW YOUR TALENT IN SOW’09?! HAHA! Gonna load myself with lots of Herbal Candy for SCAMP!
Meanwhile today was suppose to meet up with Cass and Ginny, but they wanted to have buffet @ 1130am!  I couldn’t wake up and G was not feeling well:X Feel guilty about that, have to wait until cass come back from her holiday then can meet le :(
Dad woke me up at 9+ for breakfast then when back to slp and finally up at 2pm for lunch! haha! Then went out to hunt for food and House Identity at Rivevale Mall!
Anyway, Camp brings back my love for economic rice/bee hoon! HAHA! So many different items to choose from!
Economic Bee Hoon! HAHA! Cabbage with curry chicken. The chili is awesome! But this pack costs $3.70. DAMN EX!
Despite the fullness from lunch, I went to buy myself Jollipancake when I saw it at rivevale mall! Wheeeee~
Economic rice! Sweet & sour pork ribs, cabbage and broccoli! This is only $2.80.
I’m going to visit the economic rice stall more! HAHA!
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Enjoy life! Note to self: you only live ONCE!