I can’t believe in 2 days time I’m going back to NUS again for SOW prep-camp! :( I don’t want! I want my bed, I want my warm shelter at home. D: Furthermore, I have to bloody reach school at 8am on Wednesday! THIS IS TOTALLY CRAPS!
When to school for Sports Comm meeting and helped out Rag at the same time today.
Shredded chicken noodles with mushroom
My lunch was this + vegetables contributed by Hidaya and Ju Yin, to the extent that my Hor Fun was all covered. LOL! A very green lunch. :P
Jacq bet $5 that I wouldn’t finish my food. She obviously don’t know me well. HAHA! Of course the meal was duly finished. :)
1. Sports Meeting was kinda a waste of time, I was doing more rag than engaging in the discussion. As always, less than half of the members turned up. WTH.
2. I always feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I do rag! :) SCIENCE RAG GOGOGO!
fuckyeahsweetfood:  (via ffoodd)  give me give me! 

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