OLD CLOTHES COLLECTION is finally off my list! YAY!
Went to Hougang this time round, all I can say is MADNESS.
2. Complicated unit arrangements. You will feel as though you are trapped in some weird maze.
3. OCC in the rain (heavy rain!)
4. Lack of manpower, we finished day 1 OCC at 8+pm! dead tired
5. On the other hand, day 2 we managed to end at around 5pm! :D Cox manpower was better with more freshies and there were fewer blocks today!:D And so much easier to do as compared to day 1!
Conclusion: Day 1 OCC was a waste of time and energy. (You feel tired not because you collected lots of newspapers/clothes, it’s because of all those climbing and brain-cell killing due to the ‘maze’) Day 2 was so much better!
Alright, muscle aching now :(
Day 1 (Sat):
Lunch at around 3.30pm! Can faint! I'm never gonna be sick with Yong Tau Foo :D
Light dinner with Flag comm @ 9pm. Chng teng!
I promised that I couldn't eat anything cold till I'm done with my medication. BUT I COULDN'T RESIST THE TEMPTATION TODAY :X Mango shaved ice!
Ice Kacang! Once I start, I just couldn't stop my hands and mouth. Say good bye to all my efforts of anti-icing.
Left earlier to meet up with CH, cox my dear friend is leaving for Australia the next day! Thought we gonna have dinner together, in the end it was too late :X MR TEO! I’M NOT THE ONE THAT FLY YOU AEROPLANE THIS TIME ROUND KAY!? LOL! Anyway thanks super lots for everything! :D
Day 2 (Sun):
Lunch was finally at a normal hour!:D We ta dao-ed food! Vegetarian pack.
The newspaper uncle was very nice! He treated us sweet! Peanut sweets on my hand! Didn't like it actually :X So I gave one to Ding Li. HAHA!

I chose to go home for dinner and not join the rest. Wise choice! Daddy has dinner ready when I reached home :D
Glad I made it home for dinner!!!! P-U-M-P-K-I-N ~
So… I bloated myself again :( WHY CAN’T I CONTROL MYSELF D: I think cox pumpkin is too filling cox of the starch :( argh! FULL FULL FULL! :(
I hate you hand, for taking too much food;
I hate you mouth, for not trying to refuse the food.
aiks.. SOW next! NOT LOOKING FORWARD, kinda of dislike it. Wanting to be a silent senior this time round.