Today is a BAD BAD BAD day! :(
- SAD to the max that there gonna be another round of night rider trait. SIGH!
- Sports meeting next week, IFG!
- Flag meeting next week also! Crashes with Paula’s chalet! :( and I need to come out with 20 flagging locations soon.
Basically everything sux. I need a break.
Gonna be away for camp tml till Friday, SOW Prep Camp. Sigh, I feel the need to rest, to breakaway.
The only good news is that at least they found someone to be the OHL of my house. Oh yes, and my adorable daddy gonna drive me to school tml! Thanks dad! Looks like I wont be late.
Mango all the way from Msia - At least this sweet thing brightens my day a bit.
So I'm super craving for this! MANGO SHAVED ICE from Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe :) HELL TO NO ICE RULE!

All I wish for is to have more time with my family, too much?