The plan was for me to be there at 8.30pm to meet the rest of KATANA and we shall are send Heng Qian (surprise) off to Beijing! Nice plan! BUT! Because it was a rainy day and was super cold (at least at my side), so mom mom said I shouldn’t go out :< I was all dressed already T.T
Alright, I understand that she is just afraid that I would catch a cold at the airport. Aiks, sorry Katana! :(
I don’t know about other parts of Singapore, but my side was kinda like flooded from the heavy rain this afternoon! Because of the weird weather, Mom decides not to bring me out for shopping in the end also. :< So I was stuck at home all day~ So Mom and I killed time by finding recipes online! In the end we made found these recipes for dumplings and steamed balls from a web :D
Steamed balls:
Mom mixing and stirring the vegetables! There are pumpkin, radish, carrot and yam here!
Pork belly
Water chestnut
Throw them all together!
Garlic chives added too!
Most importantly, there must be potato flour!
The function of the flour is to make sure that everything sticks together when it's being rolled into a ball!
Finally, steam it! Thus, steamed balls! :D
We are all ready to serve! <3 Maybe from the photo it's not very obvious, but the balls look super like siew mai! HAHA!
Minced meat, chives, water chestnut and ginger
The dumpling skins!
Mom made all these
Steamed dumplings
Fried dumplings. We love the fried dumplings more. LOL!
The sauces that made the food even better! :D Sambal chili, vinegar, soya light and chili sauce.
The whole plate of sambal chili was attacked by me :D So good to eat spicy things in a cold weather! HAHA! My stomach feels hot, too hot in fact :P
Total count: 32 balls and 12 dumplings in my stomach now :)
Mom thinks there are worms in my stomach while brother hypothesized that my stomach has enlarged from all the buffet-ing. I think my brother makes more sense. HAHA!
It’s no wonder that I only take 2 days to gain back the 2kg that I loss over SCAMP and illness. LOL!
Lychee to end the day~

feasting is good