My mum was being childish today. She took my keys to prevent me from going out. >.< Ok, I know she is trying to protect me. HAHA! But! I still managed to sneak out! She missed out that my brother will be leaving home around noon time. YAY! So went for lunch with brother before meeting GAMBIT.
The moment we stepped out of the lift. We were welcomed by this:
This is how big the rain was, simply couldn't see anything at all.
Bloody hell! Our clothes were really wet even when we were in the shelter.
Had lunch at compass point’s Kopitiam :D
Chicken Biryani! Really good! I think it's even better than the 'Indian Delight' from Northpoint! And the portion is so much bigger! Rice, 2 keropok, curry, chicken, cucumbers and even fried egg with onions! Definitely going back for more! I LOVE BIRYANI! I'll always get stomach upset after eating basmati rice :(
Double dumpling delight :D Basically this is another type of Ban Mian, just that the egg and minced meat get replaced by 2 types of dumplings! YAN JIAO AND SHUI JIAO. I LIKE THIS TOO! I'm a sucker at soup! I sucked dry all of it!
I fall in love with KOPITIAM suddenly because of this lunch <3
Went bugis to meet up with dear Juyin, Qiu Jing, Hidaya and poor Ervin. LOL! So 4 girls and 1 guy gathered at a small table in McDonald and gossiped for more than an hour! SHIOK! Lets do it more often! wheeeee~~~
The only sad thing about today was not able to watch EDWARD CULLEN :( ECLIPSE ECLIPSE ECLIPSE~~~~~~~
Dinner for tonight was really random! Mum decides that we shall go vegetarian! Ok, semi-vegetarian for tonight. We had porridge with 4 different dishes that she ta-bao from a vegetarian stall.
Lady's finger - the brown thing is suppose to be minced meat
Eggplant - OMG! Love this the most! Cox it's sweet and SPICY! :D
2 dishes here. First is Bittergourd with mock meat 'large intestine' and 'yong tau foo' Second dish is Oyster mushroom with some really nice beancurd skin!
Why I said it’s semi-vegetarian cox.. we had:
Steamed fish!
HAHA! I kinda enjoyed the vegetarian dishes  A LOT! Omg! They really taste like the real ‘large intestine’/meat! HAHA! It’s really my first time eating this kinda of dishes! I like! Was telling my mum we could ta-bao from this stall again soon! :D OMG, I miss the food now~
Tml gonna be my shopping day with Mum! :D wheeee~ I’m enjoying my life! I love to spend time with my mum and dad now. This is so not me from the past. I guess as I grow older I really learn to appreciate and love them more. I want to be with them forever. Daddy keep falling sick these days. Really so worried for his health :( Silly dad doesn’t know how to take care of himself! Hope that he understands that mum and I are very worried for him!

being simple can be a happiness too. ;)