Had a simple dinner with Flag Comm 09/10 (though not everyone was there)
Cox school ended for me early that day, so I met the rest directly at MARINA SQUARE instead. PIZZA HUT HERE WE COME~
Met the rest at around 7pm, but only get to eat at around 8pm :< Apparently the place was quite populated on a weekday night. Luckily I had 2 lunches beforehand. :X
I shared food + drinks with Terence, Fatty and Tingx! haha!
The drinks we had. Strawberry, mango and green apple sparkles. GREEN APPLE WAS VOTED BEST!
Our plate of criss cross fries.YUMMY! :D
Frutti Salad that we had.
Hawaiian Pizza can never go wrong ;)
Crispy thin crust shroom delite that we had with Tingx.
The 4 of us ordered a la carte from the menu while the rest had set meals. Conclusion: Always go for set meals. So much cheaper compared to ours :X  Our dinner wasn’t very filling too :<
Photo together~
The people that created history on 06.08.10 <3
till then~
PS: The rest has successfully convinced me to go for DND. I need dress! :X
Food updates: :P
Every thursday shall be my 'meat out' day. Seriously all veges :< Cox I actually 'ta bao' my lunch before 10am. This are all that they have :<
My 2nd lunch. Vege wasn't filling at all :< From Compass Point. YUMMY! LOVE BLACK PEPPER! HOHO. This is the reason for not being hungry even when it's 8pm. HAHA!
Finally went to try the new malay stall! The meats were good! Veges weren't very impressive. WILL QUEUE AGAIN!