Alright, hasn’t been updating. Cox I’m lazy. :X Follow me on Twitter would be easier. LOL!
School has started, but I’m still not into the studying mode yet. In fact, I don’t feel as if school has started :( Probably because I’m still caught up with Science Club things, YES! IFG! D:
Some activities over the week:
Wed, 11/08:
Final Nightrider trail. Booked a bus to tour the route that we will be on. I initially thought the bus is SBS/SMRT bus. :X Luckily I never say out loud. LOL!
Was quite fun in the bus with LOUD Brenda and Yuan Chun. Yes had fun stirring shit. HAHA!
Fri, 13/08
Not your ordinary fri the 13th. But also Sport Comm’s NIGHT RIDER event!
Again, I was reluctant to go. HAHA! My body feels tired and wear-off to survive the night. :< Plus, I’m the SAFETY RIDER (yes I’m) of Chrysler, not my Katana. :< But turn out to be fun yet again! HAHA! Enjoyed my 3rd night cycling with CHRYSLER! ;)
Gorgon was at ECP too! Sad that I can’t join them :( RATHER THEY CAN’T JOIN ME! haha! So happy to see them bonded so much! :)
Overall this year’s night rider was:
1. WET and SCARY. Due to the rain and thunderstorm!
2. Shorter. Due to the closure of road for YOG
3. Bicycles are so much better! :D
4. Memorable :)
Cabbed home with Huiting, Johnson and Ally after the event. SHAGGED. Duhh. haha! Went to bed at 730am and woke up at 12pm by my dear cousins. T.T
Headache since then. :<