Yesterday went for medical appointment with mum. My 3rd appointment so far.
Was quite reluctant to return cox it’s kinda a waste of $ for me and I don’t see improvements. But mum insisted that I should go. Fineeee….
Met a new physician. The way she describes my body was quite funny too! LOL! It’s like saying I’m some walking corpse to her. HAHA!
1st: I looked super pale that day, cox I was freaking cold from the rain. So my first impression to her was bad. :X
2nd: My hands were freezing too. :P
3rd: No matter how hard she tired, she couldn’t find my pulse at all.
So, I’m said by her to have a really POOR + WEAK body (disagree), ‘qi & xue’ very weak (thus the weak pulses), have really ‘cold’ body and poor digestive system which is the reason why I don’t seem to gain weight with my huge appetite cox my body don’t absorb the nutrients properly (sounds like a good news to me :D )
In the end was more medicine to eat and drink. :< and I was reminded again not to take any cold things. :( INCLUDING ANYTHING DIRECTLY FROM THE FRIDGE! So I must warm my nutrisoy every morning and my fruits has to be defrost. WHAT THE HELL! :< life less… I promised my mum though.. :(
4th appointment would be on monday! SO FAST!
Had lunch with mummy at Chong Pang.
Famous Nasi Lemak stall at Chong Pang.
I had a mix of bee Hoon and yellow noodles. Bee Hoon was better and the chilli was GREAT! I miss this stall so so so much! :D
Mum had her fav Mee Rebus.
Went to school for my 1.15hrs of ST1232. HAHA! On the way home, Hidaya and I met HIM on the bus! LOL! EC EC EC! lol! I sort of tailed him. LOL! Nah! We were just heading in the same direction! :D Though I feel stalkerish. :X
Reached home early thanks to Prof YY! yay!
The physician taught my mum to cook this for me. Thank god it was delicious! :D It was Pork Ribs with red dates, black beans and 2 other herbs.
From now onwards, my meals at home will all be herbaceous. I don’t mind la, as long as my parents are happy ;)