Went for my 1st concert performance at Esplanade earlier on – Supah Heroes. Its kinda like a East meet West thing where CO actually played some Super Hero theme songs! Really cool! Enjoyed myself throughout the 1 hour :) The encore was even best! HAHA! It was K-pop played by CO! Paula and Juyin went MAD! Esp. Paula! HAHA! Ok, so did some other K-pop fans around. :P Was really an entertaining performance. Glad we went! :D
Hidaya told me that CT and his gf were the ones that taught our ‘lollipop’ dance last SOW! OH MY GOD! YES THE WORLD IS SMALL AND ITS GETTING SMALLER! But, I can’t rmb him at all :( Only have memories of his cute gf! HAHA! I think they are really cute together! Both passionate with dance and are CUTE!:D I should have gone for bash! :< I missed 2 ECs and 1 CT. :(
Didn’t know what to have for lunch, so I got my brother to buy me any food from ‘Kou Fu’.
Mixed Bee Hoon.
I think my brother is really very generous with me! HOHO! He treated me this fried bee hoon + fried chicken wings, cabbages and fried fish cake. LOVE THE CHILLI! haha!

Start of week 3 tml. I feel tired~