Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is a perfect day to blog :)
Nowadays, I’m too lazy to write :X
Twitter is more fun! :D HAHA!
Okay, wordpress shall be the place where I dunk my food photos :P
1. I’m joblesssssssss :( ((((( No more incentive to travel to Compass Point to get my jolipancakes le :< :< :<
2. Had a great long weekend~~ YAY!
3. Shopping on friday was AWESOME!
4. Stupid LSM2251 drained all my ink at one go! AND LOUSY TA too! Of no use to my project! :< PPT and report submission in 2 weeks time YET he hasn’t told us anything about the formats! DAMN! Asked him and he will try to change the topic. BLOODY HELL!
5. I have not studied for SOM, more like I didn’t want to study? LOL! Open book ma! :P
6. People go acupuncture to lose weight, but I’m going to try to gain weight :X
7. Seriously, I lost track of events HAHA!
I actually wanted to post some decoctions that I had sometime back (that almost killed me!) But then I think I’m too lazy~ HAHA! Furthermore, I think its too gross also :X
Aiks.. I wish I can be locked at home! I love my home, don’t wanna go school~ T.T
Science Canteen:

Chap Cai Peng from Malay stall. Disappointment~ :<

Take-away food from the vegetarian stall.. Hmm.. hasn't been eating 'zai' for quite sometime. UP KARMA:D
Ban Mian from boring Science canteen.
 Gonna lunch at boring Science Canteen tml too :( Sianz~ I want to go some other canteens~ NO TIME NO TIME! T.T
Went medical appointment the other day with mummy, after which she brought me to this place that sells SUPER YUMMY vegetarian food!

Lunar 15th - meat out day! (that day only :X) This has got to be the most delicious 'zai' I have ever eaten!

Another yummy plate! whoohoo~ I miss the taste~
 Didn’t know ‘zai’ can be so delicious ;)
I don’t think I’m ever going to buy any science canteen’s zai after these 2 plates. (If i ever have a choice :X)
I WANT TO LIVE IN YISHUN! :( All my favourite food~~

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