I got really disgusted by the food industry these days. It’s not really any news that there exist this black sheep among the industry, but I just can’t stand EVIL + HEARTLESS people! I mean you are dealing with food! It’s like playing a fool with one’s life! Really is money that important to eat up your conscience?
Yesterday mum was telling me not to eat QL Ban Mian anymore, becox the boss was actually sued for having an extraordinary high amount of preservatives in their ban mian that resulted in consumers passing out green substances. GROSS CAN. I really feel cheated. Very very very cheated! :< My love for QLBM totally goes down the drain. Aiks. I believe QLBM isn’t the only one guilty of this.
Human let’s be more responsible ok?
I think that really really upset me a lot :(
Anyway I really really dislike my tuesday! :( The long day in school totally kills my brain! T.T
I don’t remember myself being so so so so so shagged after a day in school EVER! :(
Aiks, mainly due to 2103 I guess. The thought of studying it again for exam seriously frights me. Studying has never been such a nightmare before. :(
Back home, I was complaining to my parents on Singapore’s education system :X TOO IMHUMAN! TOO STRESS! :< (will I get sued for writing this?:X haha!) My mummy keep telling me to try my best can le and don’t get too stressed up. :X
I think she is kinda scare that my health will worsen from the heavy schoolwork?
Yes! Life is more than studying!
So to help me distress, my dad drove my mum and I to AMK HUB after dinner to SHOP. Yeah! I do need a break for cells. LOL!
Bought a lot of food~~ and a new pair of flops! :)
GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS! my mum gonna sponser me my Long Champ bag! hoho! Gonna get it on sunday! Can’t wait! But hope we find one first! :X
So glad to have such great and understanding parents by my side! :) <3

I love beautiful photos of flowers. It makes me feel the peacefulness and calmness of mother nature. I would wish to witness one of this beautiful scene one day. ;)
Till then~