I should be mugging like a dog now but I feel the urge to post this.
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According to the Waste Statistics and Recycling Rate for 2009 that is released by the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore, there was a total of 529,400 tonnes of waste disposed, and only 13% (76,700) was recycled. I’m not sure if you get the magnitude of things here, but 1 tonne is 1000kg — which makes it 529.4 million kg of food waste. Now, you see what I’m talking about?
Here’s 3 simple steps on how to reduce food wastage in Singapore.
Order less food (or order wisely)
Don’t be alarm that the food blogger is asking you to eat less. I’m just advising you to order wisely. Somehow or rather, we tend to over-order when there are guests around. All of us want the best for our companions, so I understand that it’s only human to do that.
Explain that you can always make a second round of order if the food is not enough. Ask the staff about the portion of the food if you are not sure how big it is. If you know you have a small appetite, order less, or offer to share it with your dining companions. In short, don’t over-order and waste food.
Finish all the food that you order
I get very upset whenever someone cannot finish their food. First, they are not appreciating the chefs’ effort in preparing the food. And most importantly, there are so many people starving all over the world, and here we are, complaining that we are too full, or that the food isn’t nice enough.
Finish, whatever that you have ordered. Do not leave anything on the plate. Lick it clean and make sure that you can see your own reflection in it.
Bring home the leftovers
No one is going to laugh if you tell the waitress to pack the leftovers (when there’s really a lot of food untouched). If they do, tell me their names and I will give them a piece of my mind. It’s not about being ‘stingy’ or ‘thrifty’ – it’s about not wasting food. I know it may seems embarrassing to pack the leftovers, but do think of it as your part to help the environment towards less food wastage.
If the staff tells you that you can’t pack the leftovers home, repeat the following to them: “Hello? We paid for our food, so what’s wrong if we want to pack it home?” Disclaimer: Please don’t try this in a buffet restaurant.
To round things up, I just want you to know that there are currently 925 million people who do not have enough to eat – that’s more than the populations of USA, Canada and the European Union. Starvation in the world is very real, so please appreciate that we are actually very blessed to have food on our table every day.
The next time you can’t finish your food, think of all the people who are starving out there.
Ok, I have to admit I’m very gulity for food wastage too. :X Especially when I’m having buffet! HAHA! Other than that, I WILL ALWAYS TRY TO FINISH MY FOOD! If not push to someone who can! ^^
Food wastage is seriously a sin. :/ But I think, as human being it is our ‘innate’ behaviour that we want to maximise our self-interest (therefore the food wastage in buffet and not wanting to finish the not-so-nice-food). So at times, we tend to waste food without realising that a small portion of food wasted every meal could amount to a few kg of food! :X
Personally, I agree to ‘order less food’ and ‘finish your food’. I think even if we bring home the leftovers ultimately it will still end up in the bin. LOL! So just order less food and finish them promptly! :) Hmm.. buffer part…. I will still close one eye la. Opps!:X HAHA! Not like we buffet every meal. :X (I’m being a self-maximising consumer now :P ) Whatever it is, build the basic first!:D

Appreciate your food, for them. :)