Don’t you hate the feeling when an event that you are expecting so so much for days/weeks didn’t turn out to be one that you are expecting? Screw it!:( I’m experiencing this for the 3rd time in like 2 months? Enough to kill me! :(
Sux to be me for this!
Back track a little.
Went to watch HP7 on Hari Raya Haji with the girls, Paula, Hidaya and Juyin!

We actually caught it in town at 9am! Yea, damn early! The morning call system was activated to make sure we got up in time. HAHA! And Yes, the movie worth our efforts for waking up at 7am and the time that was put off from mugging! Personally, I feel that it’s the best HP film so far. Shoudn’t spoil the movie for you :X But I have withdrawal syndrome after the movie. LOL! WAS A HAPPY DAY!:D
Anyway today is like the start of exam! Woke up at 8am today and have yet to pick up my notes! I’m mentally and physically tired after having to mug for a week. D: The power and will to continue is like so so WEAK! Kinda sick and tired of torturing my brain to memorise all the herbs, CAM, stupid cell bio weird names, pathways, signalling, enzymes, el nino, la nino, ecology. I haven’t start on biostats. BEST. I forsee that my brain gonna treat that exam is over on 25th. I DON’T FEEL LIKE STUDYING ANYMORE! :( I don’t see the point! No, I see the point of exam, but I lack motivations now~ HAIS.
Education, you are a hell of a double edged sword!