Technically I have one more paper next week. But! I’m more or less gone for that paper. So I’m self-declaring EXAM IS OVER! :D
Self-denying I know! D:
I think I like medicine related modules! :D  I was quite excited when I saw the new minor in pharmaceutical sciences!! Damn! I would have taken it if this is my freshman year! Then again, CAP already CMI still want to minor. LOL! So no minoring, JUST PULL PULL PULL CAP!
After paper today, hitched a ride from Maomao to CCK! Haha! Need to go yishun for appointment. T.T Would rather go home and slp~
Honestly I feel very tired to have to go for appointment every single week and take all the medicines. :< It makes me feel as though I’m really sick. I’M NOT! Rather it’s a way of improving my physical, mental and social well-being (PR1301) :P
Ya, I keep talking to my parents telling them I don’t wanna go anymore, I tired of all the sessions. :( But they wouldn’t listen…………………………… AIKS.
To make thing worse, aside the usual medicine after every meal I still have to take tonics! T^T STBM right?! And they are all quite weird?
1. Bird nest + ginseng. Can imagine this combi? Bird nest is supposed to go with rock sugar not bitter ginseng! :(
2. Black chicken with powder pearls. Shouldn’t pearls be wore on the neck? BLACK CHICKEN! T.T
I really don’t don’t don’t like to take all these, but I also can’t really throw my temper at my parents for doing all these. I mean I know they are making all them for my own good and they are not cheap also. I saw the receipts of all the things that they bought, they were thousands over dollars. :O :O :O I want to tell them don’t waste the money! You know my mum is those really very very thrifty housewife, even 10c she also want to bargain that kind. :X I feel very bad. :/
I love my parents, really. For all the sacrifices, love, concern, the wonderful home that they have given me. But I just wish they could listen to me sometimes.
Oh, do I sound like I’m whining? HAHA! No I’m not! I do not whine! LOL!
Mummy and I going temple tml to ‘bai-bai’. Why? For good health. >.< Actually I don’t believe in this. :X But… you know they do, so I just have to c-o-o-p-e-r-a-t-e~
Some entertainment to lighten up the mood! :D

HAHA! Some are pretty funny!