Monday, December 6, 2010

Special number

Girls are born to multi-task :)

Watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past while I ate my breakfast and painted my fingernails + toenails with my new Tony Moly~

HAHA! All nicely done before heading out to NEX again to meet my dear brother for lunch!

We planned to have Texas Chicken, but it was so badly filled with human :( It was like 2pm but everywhere was still packed with people queuing for lunch. :/ 

In the end brother decided to settle for Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room.

Claypot Rice (2pax)

Brother and I both agreed that Dad cook better claypot rice than them. No fragrance to speak off, that bad!

Wanton Soup
We thought the rice was bad enough, but this soup also CMI!
Soup = water + MSG.
Wanton = right from the fridge, so not fresh!

Bad food cum slow service, I wonder how this Cafe gonna survive in such a competitive place. :/ GOOD LUCK! haha!

Not satisfied with our lunch, so we decided to have dessert at Dessertstory! :D

Mango Snow Ice
Both of us were craving for this! YAY!:D I initally only planned to try a bit but ended up eating most of the dessert. >.< Ok, I feel really really gulity after which. I should just buy a jolipancake to satisfy my sweet tooth! Though I really want to go back and try all the other snow ice, I SHALL RESIST!
But really very very nice! OMG! LIFE IS SO UNFAIR! D:

Wanted to buy jolipancake, but I was too full. Mad Sad. :< But my ultra nice brother promised that he will buy me pancake on the way home everyday!!! YESSSSSSSSS! YIPEEEEEE~

Watched this with brother after we came back from our late lunch. SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE TO THE MAX! haha! The ending is very touching too!

Internet is being very naughty tonight :< Shall blog about GAMBIT outing after I managed to upload the photos. STUPID INTERNET!

I love holiday~~~

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