Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First of everything

Sad... My vacation is ending soon! :( It's like I'm finally enjoying some holidays and it's ending soon. 

Too soon. D: 

What have I done in my first week of 2011 or rather the last week of vacation? 

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Felicia told me to watch this. If I knew Lee Seung Ki is the main lead, I hope have watched it earlier. Haha! Like him since Famous Princesses. :) Omg! He is still as cute as ever! <3 A very funny K-drama to catch! 

So into K-dramas now because of all the pretty and handsome eye candies and also all their endings are so beautiful! At least for the ones that I have watched. :) 

My Princess

Looking forward to this drama now! Airing tonight in Korea, guess have to wait a while more before I can watch it online! :/

The Tourist

Caught it yesterday with my brother, we didn't plan of watching it at all. Haha! Thanks to my brother, before the movie he started telling me the story. =.= Spoiler! 

OMG! Angelina Jolie is so damn HOT! I would become a lesbian for someone like her. :X Looking at her reminds me of Greek Goddess! So flawless! *drool* Also because I was so engrossed in admiring her that I kept losing focus on the movie. LOL! My brother and I can't stop laughing at Johnny Depp in the beginning! Really funny! Nice movie to catch! :)


Anyway, I'm done with CORS today! This semester CORS isn't very nice to me! :<

1. 1916 gone in P a/c! 

2. I bidded GEK1520 500 points today and thinking I wouldn't get it and changed to GEM2900 at 4.47pm (again). In the end the winning bid for GEK1520 was 500! Can you feel how 'dui' I was?! 500! Even lower than 1A. I think it is the lowest bid so far for UTU under g a/c T.T 


Say hello to 8am lectures. Well, at least I have really short days~~~~ YAY! And Many many free days to look forward to! Whoohoo! 

GEM2900 bring it on! Year 2 Semester 2, I'm going to conquer you!  


My mum is being very weird this few days. She keep pestering me to find a boyfriend soon. LOL!

I was like 'mummy I'm just going 21 this year leh, why are you so gan jiong?!' 

Guess what is my mum's response? 


She was like 'last time told you not to have boyfriend, in the end you had one. Now ask you to find a boyfriend yet you refuse! 你是反对党啊?'


See her expression even more entertaining! HAHAHAHA!!! 

End up the 2 of us started our HTHT on guys. I didn't know I can share this kind of thing with my mum! Feel so warm and sweet~ <3

Mummy asked what type of guy I like, she want to introduce me. =.= 

So I showed her a picture of Jang Geun Suk. 

Tada~ My dream man! LOL!

Guess what's next? :D

My mum started sighing to my dad and telling him that  惨了,我们女儿嫁不出去了。(Thanks ar mummy) 

LOL! Can you imagine how hard I was laughing with her response?! LOL! 

Mummy made me feel as in I'm some old maid. >.< 

Nevertheless I was very entertained by her. Shall forgive her for hurting my small small little heart. LOL! 

My mum's so funny right?! Yes I see a lot of heads nodding. LOL!

Luckily I wasn't the only victim, she has been pestering my brother on his girlfriend too. 

What's wrong with my mum eh? :/

Looking forward to see my flag peers tml! Hasn't since them since last year! In fact hasn't seen a lot of people since 2010! Goodness! SO LONG~ 



  1. haha i didnt noe u like lee seung ki also!! he very cute ;D and yea i also looking forward to My Princess! :)

  2. Yes! He's very cute! haha! I've started watching! Hmm.. Still prefer Princess Hour! haha!