Sunday, January 2, 2011

A fresh beginning


Hope NEW YEAR was great for everyone! Yay! 

New Year Eve

After my Medical Appointment, my family went Orchard to squeeze with the crowd! :O 

Though after Xmas, my mum and I still feel the excitement to snap a photo with the tree! Haha!

Pin Le

Wanted to get Jollibean's pancake, but didn't want to walk to 313. Just so different from my thick jollipancake. :( 

I didn't realise my was so tired from shopping until I got home. Of course, we walked the whole afternoon, my brother even brought his PSP to entertain himself while we shopped. :X 

Mad tired~ 

But still, I waited till 12am for the countdown! 

The noise, the fireworks, the laughters, the SMSes... Finally we come to,

2 0 1 1 

I was especially touched to receive so many 'thankyou & wishes' msges from my dear friends! Really appreciate them! <3 So sorry I was too tired to reply all of them all that night, only replied them the next morning when my brain was working again. Hehe! :D 

I'm grateful to have you all in my life. <3

New Year

Spent the day at home with my family. <3 I never knew that I love to spend time with them so so much! I don't rmb being a very 'family' person in the past. A sign of maturation? :)


My first dinner of the year! 

A lot of 'liao'! LOVES! :D :D :D 

We had cooked food too! Wonder why so little sausages? Cox they went into my stomach before being snapped. :X 

Let's eat! <3 

Dessert, Ching Teng.

We ate for 2hrs. Super full cox we managed to finish all the food! 4 of us suddenly become 'pregnant' after the meal, our stomachs were all 'popping-out' LOL! 

2nd day of New Year

I definitely trust that my family really love steamboat a lot! We have steamboat again for today's lunch and dinner again! Mainly because we bought too much food. But it's ok!

Steamboat is GOOD!

But eating steamboats reminded me that I still have not been to Crystal Jade's XLB steamboat buffet! D: I really want to go~  xlb anyone? :D

Went out with family after lunch, to digest a bit! :X

Was at Tampines and Expo. Weather was bloody hot! :< 

Bought waffles at Tampines and muah chee from Expo.

If only everyday is family day. 

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