Friday, March 18, 2011

The way they show their love

Wow! 19March is like tml! The day that I've been waiting for! Exciting~ LOL! Ok, actually I'm not very excited. :X I feel more tired than anything. D: Schoolwork and party stuff, ya.. Not easy. :/ 

But it really warms me to see my parents doing so much just to help me and ensure that everything gonna run smoothly tml! 

Daddy helped me to pump the balloons the whole night that he was really sweating all over. Tonight daddy gonna help me to design special balloons! :D <3 

Mummy spent her off day today helping to pump balloons too! She said she has never worked so hard her entire life! jokingly of course, but really touch! 

Even my 80 year old Ah Ma also helping me with the balloons! Keep telling her don't le, but she just wanna help me! 

You know, this is the way they shower their loves to me, secretly, quietly helping me to settle everything, ensure that I have the best of everything. Really thankful. :') 


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