Thursday, March 17, 2011


Did anyone catch this movie called 'KNOWING'? It's quite a few years back actually. You know recently the media is like always reporting on exordinary ones that are able to predict/forsee disasters, something like that. it's kinda similar to the movie line. I use to think it's cool to be able to know the future! You know the feeling of knowing everything/anything that others are ignorant of? HAHAHAHA! I feel 'bigger' somehow. :P

But now I don't think so eh. I think it's kinda sad to see the future. You have to bear the pain of seeing all the disasters yourself and also the fact that probably nobody would believe you words and relate you to an idiot/lunatic.


Ignorance is bliss!:D

Forget about what I said that the world gonna end in 2012. It's NOT going to be! Maybe a change? I kinda believe that whatever that are happening now is part of natural selection. It's a natural course that is taking place again to reshape Earth, to balance it. Mother nature is beautiful but she can be merciless at times too. :( So human hang in there! Things would be back to norm soon!

Darwin probably agrees with you if he's still around. LOL!

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