Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 21: a new beginning

A 'transformed' Lirong is here to greet everyone! HELLO HELLO! lol!

Had a great 21st birthday with my family:)

RANGO with family


Seriously I think he is like one of the really few gems in Hollywood now.

We had a great laugh! Basically everyone in the theater were laughing like mad and it's Quite educational too! Nice one Rango! 

Wore the no.21 dress in my wardrobe on my 21st birthday~ Thank you Brenda, Peiying, ah ma and Huizhen! 

Subway lunch! 

We were too full from the breakfast buffet and wanted to save the stomach for dinner! hehe!

 Look at my panda eyes! I only had 4 hrs of sleep on my birthday. T.T

Went shopping and finally headed to Holland Village for dinner! :D

Crystal Jade's xiao long bao buffet!

Hehe! I was craving for it since zillion years ago! Finally~ wheeee~ The treat was on me! Wanna thank the family for being so supportive! :')

Played Lomolomo and Histagram while waiting~ SO FUN! hehe!:D

Love this cox bro looks nice in it! 

Mummy <3

The main for this trip!


I was a bit greedy that I finished 5 baskets in one row. =.= Total of 9 baskets = 45 xlbs by me! :pPp I guess the reason for me to be up at this hr is cox I'm too full to slp. LOL! 

Apparently the family didn't like Crystal Jade's xlb at all. So it was only me that was eating the xlb. Actually, it wasn't very fantastic really. I still prefer Lao Beijing's xlb. The thinner skin version. 

Char Siew Bao

Not bad too! Actually I think char siew bao can never go wrong with the sweet sauce in it! :D Daddy agree it's nice too! :D

It was a steamboat session with many side dishes for ordering. I think the value goes to xlb and the thinly sliced meat (pork, beef and lamb). Highly recommended for these 3 items, we were basically eating these items only! LOL! Their deep fried mantou is not bad too! At least my brother had like 12 of them! :/ 

Super super super full! 


Girls always have room for desserts however full we are. :P YUPS, girls only. Dad and brother totally gave up. What a waste, it's so great to have something cold after a steamily hot steamboat! 


Sitting very very straight cox my stomach is tooo tooo tooo FULL. :x

Will I return? Guess not. Lao Beijing is still a better choice for me when come to meeting my crave for xlb. :)

Simple yet heartwarming 21st with family! ^^

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