Saturday, May 14, 2011

a blast

I have not been working since my HR job in 2009 not say working in F&B industry. First day of work was.. Hmm.. a great eye opening experience?

1.Worked for 4hrs = stand for 4hrs.
2. My job is to clear the plates and set the table. Madness! Cox of peak hr! My tiny arms almost broke. :/
3. F&B no matter where, is very UNHYGIENIC! OMG! not gonna write here, if u want the detail come and ask me directly. I feel quite sick seeing the happenings in the kitchen. :I may want to avoid eating out in future. :X
4. Glad the people were really really nice! But I have decided to quit. Lol! Cox they need me to work everyday, but I didn't want my whole holiday to be burned such a way, I wanna have fun too!:D and my arms will really break! LOL! So COkE pls!
5. Learned so much! ^^ respect to waiters and waitresses

Took me only 30mins to bathe and get dressed up! Hoho! So proud if myself! :D otw to sentosa for Jeff's party now!:D and I just realized I forgotten to bring extra clothes! D: gonna avoid the pool! Whoever tries to dunk me will DIE!

Ok, I'm reaching~ hooray! FOOD! :D

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