Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Heysss~ I'm back! Like yesterday? Haha! Had much fun with the girls and the guys too! ^^ Took like 600+ photos for the 5 days. :X I'm QC-ing now. Will upload soon! 

Despite reaching Singapore only like ytd night, today we have to make our way to Senior Gathering. T.T Inhuman totally~ I was freaking tired la! :< Not enough sleep and had to play under this humid weather! D: Suck right? I know. 

Dinner! Oh, I love the thai chicken very much~ haha! Glad they changed it to catering buffet, otherwise I'll be quite pissed off to wait for the food to be BBQ-ed. Sorry, a hungry Lirong is an angry Lirong. 

Ok, I'm damn tired. Let me have my rest before I flood the page with photos from my trip and SG! :D


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