Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carbohydrate alarm

Carbohydrate attack the whole day, also mummy's home, so she was like forcing me to eat whenever she can. :< 

Layered cake from ytd. After a night of exposure to wind, the cake becomes dryer but lucky the fragrant remains! *phew*

Taken with instagram

Had breakfast at 11am, but mummy force me to lunch again at 1pm. T.T Took her I don't wanna eat lunch liao. My mummy's super cunning! She cooked something that I'll never never never reject! PUMPKIN PORRIDGE! Ok, SHE WINS!

Also our first try with our new claypot! Improved fragrance! YUM YUM

Cooked ginseng red dates chicken soup using our new claypot!:D

Claypot is really very wonderful! It enhances the aroma of the soup! ^^

Spent the afternoon baking with the help of mummy! Brother wanted me to make chiffon cake, so I tried! Haha!

Very very tedious can! :< 
1. blend pandan leaves
2. beat egg york and egg white separately (train arm muscles!) and I think I a bit failed in beating the egg whites. :X 
3. mix here mix there
Finally may send them into the oven. Btw I don't own a oven so have to use my pathetic toaster. :X Also, I don't have a chiffon mould so I just dump everything into 2 aluminium foil. Haha! So not really chiffon cake la just the ingredients of the cake. LOL! 

Very different from the chiffon cake that we know right? SO UGLY! I consider it to be a failure.
1. I had too much pandan paste such that everything is GREEN. 
2. Toaster and oven is really very very different! I experienced uneven heating. :X
3. It didn't raise as much as what a normal chiffon cake does. Thus with the same amount of ingredients, it turned out to be so small. :< 
However, the taste was there. Nope not your soft and supple chiffon cake taste. Instead it was a moist pandan cake taste! Haha! A good surprise though. :D Mum and I finished it as our afternoon tea. Cox it's definitely not enough to make our breakfast for tml.  

So I have to bake another for breakfast. Decided to make something simpler. Steam bun of cox! :D

I say yeast is amazing right? From a skinny dough to a fat bun! I call this the caterpillar bun! Look alike? :P

Tada~ It's actually steamed milk and raisin bun!

Maybe because I added milk into the dough today, the taste was even softer than before! ^^

So you see why today I'm having a insulin rush? :X 

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