Saturday, May 28, 2011

Down on luck

I have been damn unlucky these days! Really like super unlucky! T.T and mainly my unlucky events have to do with buses! DAMN PISSED OFF TO THE MAXIMUM!!! :< sigh.. 

Thurs: 26/05
1. lost at Tanglin Road
Helped mummy to run errand around that place, I goggled the direction there loh! In the end goggle gave me the wrong information! Took the wrong bus and end up at some ulu ulu ulu place! Sad max! Goggle why you do this to me?! :< In the end have to cab there. Sigh... 

2. Reached the place to find that the place is not open that day. RARHS TO THE VERY MAX!!! rotten luck! Feel like killing people! T.T Sigh... 

So my whole morning cum afternoon was burned becox of this! Super sad! Could have stayed home and bake! LOL! Also! Throughout the day whatever transport I take, I'll miss that bus/mrt just by a second! So you see why I say I'm on some rotten luck? T.T

Met up with JC buddies for dinner cum chill. Wanted to watch Kungfu Panda too! But only left front row. =.=  

4. Jos and Yee Jean brought us to a famous ramen house. Why I consider this another unlucky event? Cox the 2 girls kinda of forget how to get there and my stomach was growling very very loud~ Super hungry! When we finally get to the place (Noodle House Ken), we had to wait like half hour before we get seated. T.T Poor stomaches~ 

Apparently it is a very famous ramen place, for a while I thought I was in Jap when we were inside! It's like a copy of Jap ramen house! Haha!

Miso Ramen

Apparently they only have like 6 types of ramens to choose from. Yee Jean recommended me this and I'M SO IN LOVE WITH IT! :D Love the noodle and the soup broth! No wonder Paula love ramen so much! You have to get a good ramen to appreciate it! (ps: the best ramen I ever ate previously was from ajisen! lol!) Wheee~ I so wanna hunt for more good ramens now! haha! 


We also ordered their gyoza for sharing. Nicely done, more firm and meaty! ^^

Went to Cold Stone for dessert~ Couldn't control myself. :X

Tada~ they are the most crazy people I've ever met, really miss all the crazy things we did back in JC! 

Fri: 27/05
So I thought after a day of rotten luck today would be better. FAT HOPE! Today was way worse!!!! Ok, let's continue! :<

5. Watched Pirates at AMK HUB early in the morning at 1030! Took buses of cox. Missed 163, SO I WALKED ALL THE WAY TO YIO CHU KANG ROAD TO TAKE 86! Ok, I'm OK WITH THIS! 10mins walk only. BUT AGAIN WHEN I REACHED 86 LEFT INFRONT OF ME! PISSED PISSED PISSED! Why is this always always happening to me?! Sigh.. 

Of cox, I was late thanks to the buses. But luckily the movie didn't start on time! HAHA! 

Ok, liked what Hidaya said the movie really wasn't very great. In fact I got bored in the middle. :X Still it isn't that bad la, got Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz ok! :D 

At AMK I'll definitely head to the market for lunch and normally I'll eat either the congee/YTF. haha!

Decided to have YTF today, super long queue! Waited for half an hour! 

For the Bee Hoon and sweet sauce. YOU GOT TO QUEUE!

This is the most unhealthy cum unhygienic YTF I've ever eat. The bowl though 'clean' was still whole of grease! Disgusting right? :< worse the fried items were so badly fried that I could feel that I'm drinking oil and not eating the food. Sux right? :< But for the bee hoon and sweet sauce, I'll forgive them. LOL! 

Did my unlucky events end here! NO!!!!

6. I missed 163 on the way home. Again, it left infront of me. Really what's wrong with my bus luck? T.T So I walked from YCK road home. 10mins very easy la~ BUT! On the way there was this DOG! Yes dog and it was those hunter dog kind u know! Freak out pls! The dog tries to follow me home!!!! WTH WTH WTH WTH!!! Me seeing it already like damn FREAKED OUT but now that dog tries to follow me leh!!!!! Can I die on the spot?! T.T I endangered my life by standing in the middle of the road and running across the road. I don't what was I thinking then, I just wanted to get rid of that dog, the thought me being run over by a car (esp lorries) did not even occur to me that time. Sigh... So glad I'm safe at home. :')

7. Got to go for coke training. Did not miss 163 this time round, even if I missed I REFUSE TO WALK TO YCK road! I scare the dog recognizes me! Not funny! Really damn scary! :( :( :( But otw home, I missed 163. ARGH! I run after the bus can! So dark so lonely road so scary~ I was so pissed off and angry that I just kept running! LOL! My poor legs! T.T No la, I did not run all the way home. Run until I calmed down then go to the nearest bus stop and wait for my bus again. LOL! 

Sigh.. I'm very sad la! Pls can you buses stop doing this to me? Thank you very much! 

Baking makes me happy these days. 

Top: Honey oat cookies

Middle: Peanut butter layered cake (my fav till now! :D)

Bottom: Honey pandan cake

Sigh... I do not ask my some good luck or anything. Just give me back my normal days~ Buses! Pls be kind! :'( 

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