Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My new hobby

Finally I put on hands on flours, eggs, yeast and everything about baking! Yay! Been wanting to do so since last year! Hehe! :D Only have 3 pieces to showcase as for now, more to come definitely!

1. Red-bean Pancake 
I feel it's the easiest for beginner plus my favorite snack too! :D

Spam spam spam spam spam spam lot lot lot lot lotssssss of red bean! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Beautiful not? :D 

My first baking all polished by myself! BECAUSE PANCAKES ARE NOT MEANT FOR SHARING! :P Anyway I did share the photos with my family. LOL! *selfish never share the food* :P

Ok, so I really like this recipe! Totally my customized piece of pancake~ Sorry jollibean I think we have to bid goodbye, I've found my true love. :) Anyway, I've already made this pancake twice! Haha!

2. Raisin Sponge Cake 
Difficulty increased! 

Ok, I admit. There's too much raisin on the cake. :X Also, I had too much eggs beaten too. :X Mum said the egg smell was overwhelming. :X But I feel was ok, since I love the smell of eggs! Hehe!:D
I’m so in love with baking!  (Taken with instagram)
Pretty good looking and the taste was much denser than expected. The family finally gets to taste my bake! HOORAY they like! Gone fast! ^^ 

3. Steamed Pandan & Raisin Layered Cake
Just made this earlier on. This was much more tedious cox it's a layered cake (8 layers altogether). 

Yeast is very amazing, from a thin flour it fermented to this thick! At first I thought I'm gonna fail it, cox there wasn't any aroma while steaming. :< But the first bite proves me wrong. IT WAS GREAT! 

Steamed pandan &amp; raisin layered cake!  (Taken with instagram)Taken with instagram
Another beautiful piece~

Compared to the raisin sponge cake, this recipe is softer. Family said they prefer this! ^^ Actually me too! I think pandan and raisin are the best combination yo! Finished the bake just before dinner, mum and I can't wait to try it! Ya, we spoiled our appetite for dinner. :X

PS: I can smell the strong pandan cake from the kitchen! Tempted to grab a piece now! But must save them for breakfast later~ T.T

My 3 successful bakes so far! 

Ok, I'm still not very good at baking but definitely improving! Thanks to all the recipes! :D Tml gonna make chiffon cake! Getting more and more challenging ya? Pray hard it gonna be a success again! :>

Though I'm baking, I didn't give up my love for cooking too! :D

Fish tofu soup, pan-fried luncheon meat w egg, stir-fried bittergourd and carrot

Chicken soup w sharkfin and mushroom, abalone w acar, stir-fried black fungi w dried beancurd

Gong bao chicken, tofu seaweed tomato soup, cauliflower fish soup, black fungi chicken fillet

So happy! I can stay in the kitchen like forever! HAHA! 

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