Sunday, May 22, 2011

Magnum and I are not fated


'OK, 1, 2, 3 SMILE!'

I lose count of the number of times I said these 2 phrases over the past 2 days. :X

Thanks to Hidaya for pulling Juyin and I into this awesome job! :D

Come orchard cine and join us!!! :D (Taken with instagram) 

Best job!:D (Taken with instagram)

I was working for COCA COLA SG over the weekend. Freaking awesome! Working has never been so fun, but tired of cox. We had to stand for the whole 8 hours, w/o food and drinks plus  under the burning sun. :/ Aside that, nothing to complain. To be able to work with friends and ppl of your age is great. 

Finally eating again after my breakfast! D: (Taken with instagram)

After 8 hrs of starving.. (Taken with instagram)

Super hungry after work~ Thank you KouFu for selling my favourite Yong Tau Foo! Although you aren't very yummy! haha! Still prefer my favourite stall at Plaza Sing! 

Durian feast!!!! :D (Taken with instagram)

Got durian again tonight! Muhahahahaha!!! (Taken with instagram)

My house was filled with durian for the past 2 days too! Oh just normal ones not Maoshanwang. Really, we could taste the difference. :X

Anyway, I have been baking for the past few days too! Shall update about that again! I so wish I'm doing a degree called culinary or something. LOL! 

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