Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ate a month amount of meat in a day.

Finally met up with the girls, Cassandra and Ginny today! Long due meet up! Haha! So glad our friendship remain strong despite us going separate directions after BMSI. So funny to whatapps with them! We damn noob don't know how to group chat at first! LOL! Anw, me the buffet queen brought them to LAO BEIJING for XLB SPAMMING! YAY YAY YAY! Btw, my faourite xlb has always been from lao beijing! Nope, not crystal jade.

Buffet from 3pm to 530pm. We entered at 245pm and starts before the stated time. Oh well, the waitress say we can go ahead. :P First to touch the food! Haha! Others who were there earlier also joined in when they eyed us heading for the buffet spread. :P

So here we go~

The appetizers. 

Apparently only I ate them. Tried all except the peanut (don't like) and the cold pork slices (I feel it's like eating raw meat) Took 3 plates of the sweet & sour white cabbages! Hehe! Very gastric juice stimulating. LOL! Maybe this is the reason why I can eat so much huh? 

The steaming hot items.

1. Char Siew Pau. 3.5/5.0
Not bad! Kept steaming hot which is evident from the picture and really soft too! The filling is really juicy and sweet too! It's quite a small piece, so I easily polished 4 of them! :D Anw, I opened up my 4th pau before eating and realised he fillings were all FATS. >.< No wonder so juicy. Feel quite grossed after which if not could have ate more. LOL! Seriously all pork bellies. :/ 

2. Red Bean Pau. 3.0/5.0
I was pretty excited when I saw this! Cox I thought it was custard pau! PS: they used to serve custard pau in exact shape. Was so disappointed when I saw it was red bean :< Oh well, not that I don't love red bean anymore, but I can always have red bean elsewhere but not my custard pau. :( Anw the red bean was very ordinary. Still I polished 5 of them, it's red bean after all! Haha! 

3. Siew Mai. 4.0/5.0
This is really recommended by me! And pls have it while it is still hot/warm. I don't rmb their siew mai being this good from all my previous visits! PS: this is my 5th time to Lao Beijing! Think I ate 6/7! Haha!  

The fried items

1. Spring roll. 4.0/5.0
Another highly recommended one by me! Ate 4 pieces! Too good to miss us! Love the fillings, it has yam added in it. Guess this is the reason for it's extraordinary flavour. :D 

2. Some meat filling in a pau shape. 1.5/5.0
Lol! No idea what's the name of this, anywhere it doesn't taste that fantastic for me to crave for more, only had 1 and passed it. 

3. Thin pancake with meat filling. 4.5/5.0
Highly recommended! It's like roti prata with meat inbetween! Really crispy and yummy! Ate 5 pieces cox really too good to give this a miss! ^^

4. Thick pancake with meat filling. 1.0/5.0
Similar to above except this is so fail! The pancake is a thicker version, very thick in fact! Felt like I was chewing rubber. Save your stomach for other items please. 

The desserts and soup

1. Almond paste. 4.0/5.0
I'm a sucker for almond and this paste is really good, sweet and really strong almond taste! If you love almond you will definitely love this too! 2 bowls polished! Burps!

2. Fruit cocktail. 3.0/5.0
Very normal cocktail that you can find anywhere. But it's quite popular still, cox after eating so much heaty + meaty items it's really shiok to have a bowl of icy cocktail! 3 bowls washed down my stomach! <3 

Look at the bottom photo! This is the spring roll and pancake that I highly recommend!!! I'm missing them now~

Of cox this is not the end of the buffet spread, those are the take-it-urself items. There were others where you need to take orders from the waitresses.

Here we go away~

The Guo-ties and Dumplings

1. Guo-ties
They only have 2 types of guo ties. Either chives with meat or cabbage with meat. 

2. Dumplings
They have 7 different styles of dumplings. But each style is either chives with meat or cabbage with meat too. So we are more or less eating the same things over and over again except it different sauces. Had only one round of each items and didn't get anymore of them. Have never like their guo-tie/dumplings at all. Cassandra and Ginny didn't even eat most of them, I've given them enough face by having at least one each. LOL! 

Finally the main reason for us being there!!!

Super thin xlb! instagram)
xiao long bao!

Whoa~ Really love their xlb to the max! My favourite combination! Supreme soup, great meat and thin skin! But was quite disappointed that they serve the xlb really really slowly~~~~ Like waited at least 15mins for each xlb. :< Thus, we only managed to have 10 rounds of xlb. :< SO SAD!!!! I think I ate at least 30xlbs in total. Cox Cassandra ate too slowly (she just had her wisdom tooth extracted so have to chew slowly, poor girl! so wasted! Becox of this she didn't eat much and couldn't enjoy the food too :< ) and Ginny was full too fast. So I ate most of them. :P A bit paiseh, like I'm snatching their food. But I think they don't mind right? Haha! 

Btw, 10 rounds of xlb shared by the 3 of us was a bit too little for me, recall I ate 9 rounds of xlb by myself at crystal jade. But, apparently we noticed not a lot of people eating xlb! weird eh? The manager even came up to tell us that they no longer have enough xlb to serve us! You know my heart really BREAKS! I was so so so down!!! My stomach was still hungry and asking for more~ How can?! Not even satisfied! :< Disappointed max cox there weren't even a lot of customers and not a lot of people ordered xlb too! So we thought they purposely don't wanna serve us! :< SO MEAN! 

There was this epic moment when one waitress served us our final final 2 rounds of xlb! *touched touched* (the xlb tasteD so so so GOOD cox they were the final 10 pieces that we can have, so must treasure! LOL!), so after the waitress place the xlb on our table, the 3 of us were still immersing in our joy~ SUDDENLY! There's this waiter that came up and said 'I've to clear this away' and his hands went in the direction of our xlb!!! I FELT LIKE CRYING! REALLY! It's like from heaven dropped to hell! My expression totally changed super fast!!!! We thought he was going to remove our xlb!!! BUT! Instead he meant that he was going to clear away the chilli/vinegar bottles which were placed beside our xlb. ....................................... LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL! The 3 of us were these silly to think that he was going to take away our precious xlb!!!!! OMG! We laughed like mad! HAHAHAHA! The waiter must be puzzled that why we looked so hurt? LOL! Super funny moment! OMG! I can totally imagine how my faced changed. LOL! Ok, it's very funny! haha! THIS IS HOW MUCH WE VALUE OF FINAL XLB! lol! 

Finally conclusion: I wasn't even full after the buffet. :/ My stomach was only 65% filled. If only there were more xlb. :< Btw, I always like to take note of how much I ate to keep track if my stomach capacity has increased or otherwise. LOL! I think my huge appetite is one of the only few capabilities that I can be proud of! Hahahaha! But it's also quite scary that I can get so much and not gain the weight. :< I'm only like 39kg leh! HELP~ I want to gain like 3/4kg pls! T.T sigh.. 

Anw after the buffet everyone left, except for us. Why? Cox we were busily cam whoring! Totally treated the place as our home and the waitresses also didn't seen to bother! LOL! We pretended that they were invisible, so did they. :X 

Btw, our last outing we were at Lao Beijing too! Not for buffet though, we sat at the exact same spot and exact same position! Like so coincidence right?! And we didn't even choose our seats! Haha! Lao Beijing shall be our meet up place always! LOL! 

Really took photos until like we own the place. Was also thick face enough to keep asking the waitress to take photo for us. :X We even placed the camera around the place and self-timed it. LOL! Took like 40mins before we finally left the place around 6pm when the buffet ended at 530pm. LOL! We were their first and last customer. Haha! *blacklisted* LOL!

Went shopping a bit~ Bought more baking items from Daiso! Like really omg la! I don't really need them cox I already have them, but just can't resist cox it's CUTE! >.< The deadly temptation for girls, especially when I'm so into baking now. :/ Shall take a photo of my baking tools tml~ :D

Bought 2 pairs of shoes too it was on SALE. Another deadly temptation for girls. Oh well~ I'm stimulating the economy! *self-comfort*

Ok, thank you for going though this long-winded post with me! Your karma has increased dramatically! LOL!

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