Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dragon Boat Festival

I took a photo of my baking barangs. 

I realised I actually own 7 different molds for baking. :X 

Made a simple batch of tau-sah pau ytd cox I didn't have much time to do other. But simple is good. 

Simple old school red bean bun! :)  (Taken with instagram)

I like this type of tau-sah pau because it reminds me of the olden days. Can't resist to have one right after baking. Hot and crispy pau right fresh from the oven, not everyone can enjoy it. :) 

So I did not win the Xbox, 2 close encounters but we missed out. It's ok, I believe what's not mine shall not be mine then. Stayed a while at City Link before brother and I headed to Plaza Singapura for.. LAN! LOL! I SUX AT GAMING. :X

Caught Kung Fu Panda 2 too. OMG! I adore panda to the max! 

That was all yesterday. Today's highlight was RICE DUMPLINGS! Since tml is Dragon Boat Festival and I wouldn't be home. So we decided to have our dumplings a day earlier! ^^ Thus, Lirong's Bakery resume on a later date. LOL!

I tried learning since secondary school. But it was a fail then. >.<

But now I can finally make proper dumplings! Yes! I like to think that I'm transforming into a more motherly woman. LOL! Mum and I made 64 dumplings in total with 2.5kg of glutinous rice, 1kg of pork belly, 64 mushrooms, I pack of dried chinese sausages and 200g of dried shrimps. 

Thinking that I'll eat at most 4/5 dumplings and I'll be full. 

Guess what? Turned out I had 11! My dad has to stop me if not I prolly suffer some indigestion later. :/ Definitely because the dumplings were a real YUM! Also, it has been 2 years since I last ate dumplings! (we didn't make any last year) Mostly importantly, I'm afraid that by the time I'm back on Wed, the dumplings would be long gone. LOL! 

Makan! ^^ (Taken with instagram)

Yay! I mastered the art of dumplings! The skill of dumplings wouldn't be lost in my generation! HAHA! Nice? This plate of dumplings are all made by me! Not bad right? Hehe! 

Anyway, we only cleared 1/3 of the dumplings today. But I've a feeling that by wed they will all be long gone. T.T 

May the family be merciful and spare a few for me~ 

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