Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everyday we're shuffling

Yet another wonderful experience from SCAMP'11. Praise to FOP again, once again I bagged in tons of memories, fun and laughter throughout this 5D4N. Oops! Not forgetting ECs too! :P


Ho-oH, Inxendios. A bunch of really enthusiastic children. Was, sad at first that there wasn't any EC (oops, sorry guys. :P) But later I was really glad to have them. THEY ARE JUST PURE AWESOMES AND SPONTANEOUS! :D LIKES!


1. FOP'09: 'Nobody nobody but you', FOP'10: 'That's very hot, that's very hot'  were like the 'in-themes' respectively. This year, FOP'11: 'Everyday we're shuffling'. It's damn cute! Haha! I wonder what will it be for FOP'12? :D

2. 5D4Ns of 4hours of sleeps every night.

3. I didn't get any sunburn! :D But I got tanner. Oh wells. 

4. For the first time I didn't get any constipation in camp. In fact I was running toilets more than often. Straight intestines.  -.-

5. Still the scream team. But could feel age was catching up. Could feel that Mmy pitch isn't as sharp, clear and penetrable anymore. :< NOOOOO~ 

6. EC ftw! EC collection always goes up after a camp. :P Thanks to our dear manwhore Hidaya for pointing them out to me! Hehe! Good things must share. :P I'm reluctant to admit that Hidaya and I have very similar taste for EC. LOL! Despite the body aches and everything, I wish I could go though the whole camp all over again! I wanna see my #1, SEC, and OG4. LOL! lirong-is-bimbo-ing. 

7. Clubbing. All my clubbing experiences were from SCAMP, so this is only the 2nd time. :X Went to Club Avartar. That place sux really, but I still enjoyed my night. :P Cox of Ho-oh and ECs were clubbing nearby too!!!! Ok, even I can't stand myself now. HAHAHAHA! 

8. Despite the painful body aches, I would want to re-live those 5 days again! Cox....... heh heh heh. :P 

Basically, my SCAMP was all on Ho-oh and ECs! :P 5 DAYS PASSED TOO QUICKLY~ On one hand, you really wanna break camp cox you know you are super tired and really need a nice warm shower and a soft bed to repair your near-to-breaking-backs. On the other hand, you don't wanna do so cox you can't bear to part with the awesome ppl that you have met. :'( 

I WANT TO CHEER! I WANT TO SCREAM! I WANT SCAMP! I WANT HO-OH! I WANT ECs! Sigh.. this is prolly my last FOP too. Gonna miss this feeling so very much. :( 

Thanks SCAMP COMM'11 for the awesome SCAMP! <3 INXENDIO FTW!

9. Break camp and broke my thumb nail on the same very day! T.T Bag was too heavy and somehow while carrying it, it broke my nail into half and now half of my fresh is exposed and it's freaking painful! T.T 

10. My skin is very cui now. T.T Mad dry~ LOL!

Today's bake: Zebra Cake!

The zebra patterns aren&#8217;t very obvious though. :/  (Taken with instagram)

Not a very successful one cox my zebra pattern wasn't very obvious. I know the reason now and definitely gonna try it again!

Tea time! It&#8217;s zebra cake!:) (Taken with instagram)

Luckily though it's ugly, it didn't affect the taste. Hehe! ^^

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