Saturday, June 18, 2011

It is addictive

I must say baking is really addictive. Not very happy with all my previous attempt, so I made my way down to the library today to get books on baking! I wanna get it RIGHT! LOL! Baking is really an art! Whoa! So much knowledge and science involved! I kinda feel more knowledgeable now. LOL! 

Packed lunch home from Kopitiam for boy boy and I! :D


Crazy right?! Hehe! Actually I secretly love chap chye peng too! Notice the similarity between CCP and YTF? You get to choose large varieties of food! Hohoho! I love varieties! :D Each packs have 4 different meats (sweet sour fishes, sweet sour pork, lemon chicken and braised chicken) and 2 types of vege! Guess the price? HAHA! $6.50 each. :X Our over-flowing lunch~ Managed to finish everything! Ok, not the rice though, only ate 1/4 of it which have my sweet sour gravy~  HAHA!

I definitely need the energy from lunch. Cox I'm baking cake again! This time round I followed the recipe from my library book. Yet another sponge cake. 

Notice the top 2 photos! They are purely eggs and sugars only! This is what I'm talking about, beating the eggs till foamy white form. A process which kills my arm. T.T This time round I was very determine to beat till the desired form! (usually I stopped beating at pale yellow form) This took me half an hour~ and I was sweating mad too! LOL! Hardwork but damn satisfied with my determination! ^^ 

Tada~ This is then the sponge cake that I'm looking for! Light, soft and bouncy! Though the top was burned. Blame on my small little tiny toaster. Too small to handle this. :/ Ok, I admit I put in too much baking powder too. :X

Lalala~ I'm like a proud mummy! :') 

Room for improvement!  (Taken with instagram)

My mummy also said I finally made something more like a cake. LOL. Basically, I WAS DAMN HAPPY PLEASE! HAHAHA! YAY! Point noted: Follow recipe from a book instead. LOL!

Very hungry after the bake. LOL! No surprise since I put in so much energy and effort to beat the eggs! HAHA! 

Today's dinner~

1. Fried rice
2. tofu and kelp soup
3. Stingray and onion
4. Vinegar trotter

Ytd's dinner~

1. Otah
2. Steamed fish
3. Dumpling, seaweed soup
4. brown rice

PS: I'm trying to stop myself from over-eating! 8/10 full is the best! 

Love these few days, just staying at my peaceful home to bake and make dinner for the family. :) 

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