Friday, June 17, 2011

Made with flour

Lirong's kitchen has been down for quite some time and finally I managed to make something yesterday and today too!:D

16/06, thurs

Cottoncake!  (Taken with instagram)

A simple cottoncake (separate eggs method). It's something like Japanese cheesecake except no cheese was added! ^^ Like really finally I'm able to separate egg whites and yolks!  But my right arms nearly died! Cox had to beat the liquid egg white to a stiff white foam! It took me like 15mins to achieve that! Poor arms. Muscles gonna pop out! D:  Although the process is painful, the result is so worth every aches on my arm! ^^

Done with cake, decided to make some dumplings for dinner yo! 

the fillings.

tada~ 38 dumplings in all! =)

Gyoza!:D (Taken with instagram)


Dumpling soup!

17/06, Fri


My failed attempt on a swiss roll. :< The roll crack! I guess too much strength was used. T.T Not pretty! So I ate them all by myself as lunch instead. haha! Red bean with anything is so oyishi~ :P But I don't think I'll be trying another swiss roll again. Too heart-breaking to see the roll cracking. :'( 

Since I ate the intended breakfast for tml, had to make another one! :X 

Made a raisin sponge cake! :D So pretty~ for my standard of cox! haha! :D Can't believe my little toaster can achieve this! :D
Baking makes me very happy!:) (Taken with instagram)

I rank this as No. 1 out of all my bakes! Very moist~ Looks like the steamed one that I did earlier,  but this is not as dense as the steamed version.

Taken with instagram

I can't help snapping more photos of this cake! Hehe! Bear with me ya? :P


Ytd and today's cake! See the different? Ytd was separate egg method while today was whole egg. The first is suppose to give softer cake but I prefer the latter (also less tedious :X). But both gave me a hard time on my arms. That's beating of the eggs part! T.T Other ppl use egg beater machine to do their eggs, but mine is by hands~ Have to beat 15mins by hand for what a machine can achieve in 5~10mins time. :/  poor right arm. T.T

What should I bake tml? LOL! 

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