Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wonders of FOP

June always seen to pass so quickly out of the 3 months of vacation. Very simple, because of FOP! There's always a saying that time seen to pass-by quicker when one is having fun and June is the time when we are having the best time of our NUS life! :D 


13/06, Mon

Did photoshoot and videoing for our OG video. We were on a mafia theme! ^^

So cool right? Taken using my iphone, raw and uncut! HDR is damn pretty, it makes ur skin much flawless than before, like you are on make up!  :D

I love the fan a lot. HAHA! Gina our kiddy mafia! So cute right? :P

I like Kaikee's pose a not! 

The guys! I took nice photos right?! HAHA! All thanks to HDR! ^^

I love these 2 photos too! SO COOL ISN'T IT?! Seriously I think Juyin can be real AH-LIAN! But she's like always smiling! HAHA! 

*point my blue skirt* I thought I wouldn't fit in after a serious buffet. Instead it's like quite loose. -.- I thought I'm a 23 until recently I realised it's 21. No wonder all the bottoms that I bought are always so loose! RARHS! 

Flag painting after lunch! 

Barney: Ho-oh gonna be legendary! 

I was kinda touched that day when I see all the seniors gathering together at student hub just to paint flags and things. Everyone laughing and chatting blah.. especially when like one accidentally got some paints over the body. It's really a wonderful moment which you can't get anywhere else, only at FOP. Sorry, I'm bad with words, you have to witness in order to feel what I have experienced. 

14/06, Tues

I PASSED MY BTT! OMG! Even got a full mark! Definitely not expecting this! The test was even scarier than any exam I have taken before! Because I have no idea what to expect and it's like if I missed it, that's it man! Don't know the next test will be when! Oh my god! I actually passed! Damn happy! Makes my day.. for a short while. Cox I had to queue 2hrs+ to get my PDI! Damn irritating! RARHS RARHS RARHS! So glad I had my iphone with me. :') BFF. LOL!


When to Plaza Singapura next to meet up with GAMBITS!

Ice cream cake!^^ (Taken with instagram)

A little celebration for the MAY + JUNE babies! Hui Min, Geraldine and Wei Fen @ Swensens! An ice-cream cake! HAHA!

Black pepper seafood pasta!:) (Taken with instagram)

I was starving! Had their 'all time favourite' BLACK PEPPER SEAFOOD PASTA. Hmm.. so-so I feel. At least I won't have the want to have this again. I like Juyin's mayo fish&chip though! Was koping everyone's food to try. LOL! 

Didn't take a lot of photos ytd. :( Especially Gan Tie! :< Too busy talking. :X

Again, if not for FOP I wouldn't meet this group of wonderful people! 

Rushed down to The Cathay to catch X-Men! My knowledge of X-Men is like so miserable! It's only bits and pieces from kid's central~ LOL! Enjoyed the movie though! Gonna dig out the other X-Men series and catch them! :D 

Rocher beancurd!  (Taken with instagram)

Headed to Rocher Beancurd for Supper~ PS: it's really rare that I have supper especially when it's like passed 12 midnight. Not that I'm afraid of the fats but I get ingestion easily. :X  Hehe, but I think soya should be very easy to digest bah. :P Wanted to take a photo of the food but everyone's hands are faster than me! D: LOL!

The girls! <3

The night ends with a free ride from gan tie home! YAY! Good catching up session with GAMBITS! :D But my sleeping time is getting more and more screwed up! I used to be a girl that sleeps before 11pm! But I'm like still so hyped at 2am now! I love the serene night, but I also know late-night will not do me benefits at all.


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