Friday, June 10, 2011

When we were young (add on)

Having a dilemma of where to bring the family for buffet this Sunday! The crab cum durian buffet @ Broadway is like fully booked! So sad!:< Suggested sushi, but daddy say don't want. Mama don't want Korean and I'm a bit sick of steamboat. International buffet is kinda expensive for a Sunday dinner too. How ar~ might just end up eating steamboat. LOL!

Anyways, you probably are aware that Lirong is a sucker for carbohydrate. I can live without protein but not carbo. Well, except white rice/bread! Oops! :X and I love to cook! Cooking is such a joy~ you can to mix all the supreme ingredients that you love and ta-da~ an unique dish is ready to serve! What's this call? Yes! D-I-Y! 

One that I always love to cook is Hokkien Mee! 

Hokkien Mee!  (Taken with instagram)
Lirong's hokkien mee is:

1. black! have to be black! (spammed too much dark soya sauce today kinda salty. :X)
2. Seafood based. Must to have tiger prawns and sotong! I added in cuttlefish balls, hotdogs, crabsticks, tau pok, chinese cabbage and beansprouts too. 
3. To make the sweet ans tasty curvy, you need to pre-boil the shells of the prawns to get the sweetness of the soup broth! 

Really idiot-proved dish, the 4th time cooking this and had never failed. Taught by my mama btw! :D This huge pot prolly can feed a family of 6-8 normal people but it was just nice for the 4 of us. Ya, I have to cook this much every night. :/ Exercising my arms just to stir and mix the ingredients. LOL! 

Burps!  (Taken with instagram)

Serve hot! 


Today daddy taught me a lesson. The sweetest revenge to your enemy is to lead a even happier life. 气死他!Haha! Yea totally agree! You do not even worth that tiny bit of my attention. :) Oh well, not that I do have an enemy. Just that there is this girl that like to sabotage my family. So can she be considered as my enemy? But she is also my so called 'relative'. Oh well, sometimes I feel that this complicated family-line of mine can definitely make a fantastic drama! LOL! 

*inner peace*


Bought 3 pieces of Kinder JOY as breakfast! LOL! Not that I have a sudden want for some surprise or what, but we needed the eggs for ID tags! 

Can't rmb the last time I ate Kinder JOY. No wait, I have never eaten Kinder JOY before, my time was called Kinder SURPRISE!

My time and the time now. More than a decade ago~ OMG! Feeling old now... *emo* 

I rmbed my parents used to buy them for my brother and I and we can only eat them IF we can answer the 9X9 table correctly. >.< and if I'm not wrong, I'm never interested with the chocolate. I wanted the toy inside! HAHA! I never like chocolate when I was young. Interesting right? :P

PS: Brother just told me that both of us didn't want the chocolate (see the choco sux) we would throw the choco away and fight for the toys inside! haha! That sounded more like what we will do. 

 Prefer the newer version, hazel nuts! :D YUM YUM! 

Wanted to share one with my brother, but.. hazel nuts are not mere for sharing. Oops! :X My toys! :D So cute right?! But kinda ex! :< $1.90 each~ 

Ok, I have fun reminiscing my childhood! HAHA!

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