Saturday, June 11, 2011

I quit

Was at Plaza Singapura for 2 consecutive days and had the same type of food for that 2 days. My love, yong tau foo. 

This was yesterday's lunch. 

Taken with instagram
Dried version, spammed with 4 large scoops of sweet sauces. :X

Mix mix mix! BURPS! I love kway teow~

Taken with instagram
This is today after work. Decided to have some soup. 

Seriously, this outlet at PS is my favourite YTF eatery! haha!:D BUT! I've decided to stop eating so much YTF le. IT'S SO UNHEALTHY! Yea, YTF is unhealthy. :< Unhealthy because it's way too high sodium in content! Especially when I like to spam so much sweet sauces. I don't think I want a kidney transplant in future (touch wood), so I have to stop eating all this unnecessary salt! Very painful decision. T.T So sad~ But for the health, I shall limit myself. T.T *ouch* Shall explore other food! I'll find a new love! Hehe! :D 

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