Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let's make history AGAIN

Whoohoo~ Lirong is back from Prep-SCAMP! Had a great 3D2N Camp with yet another batch of awesome people. I'm starting to believe that only awesome people attend camps. :P HAHA! Each day just went better and better, I think it's because of the people. INXENDIO seniors seriously rox! VERY LOOKING FORWARD TO SCAMP'11 NOW, LIKE NOW NOW NOW!!!

No, this is not from Prep-SCAMP, this is from Seniors' Gathering. Not suppose to share any photos for prep-SCAMP yet. So no photos~ unless you are interested in photos of Chap Chye Peng? I highly doubt so.

Anyways, I'm quite traumatized today. D: At Sentosa earlier, I realised I'm not slim, not thin either. I'm like a pack of bones! Especially my upper body. Very sad. :< I wanna put on weight! COME ON COME ON! FATS PLS GO TO THE RIGHT PARTS!! PLS, STAY AWAY FROM MY STOMACH AND LAY AROUND MY BUTTS AND CHEST AND RIBS PLS!

BTW, had a good chat with Ningxin the other night too. Really motivated by her passion! Although I'm quite freaked out by lv3000 modules, I'm also more than anything wanting to take them down too! I know I can as long as I stay focus! Ok, studies aside, let's create memories first yo! ^^

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