Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Had dinner with Flag Comm 09/10 yesterday @ Breeks, Marina Square. I think I'm quite a frequent visitor to Breeks.

They had their menu changed. Which all of kinda don't agree with it. First, not environmental friendly. Second, the new menu is not exciting at all! 

While waiting for the food to be served~ 

I normally don't fancy much of western soup. If it's not done well, you'll feel like you were being served a bowl of thickener. This was how I felt for their soup-of-the-day, chicken by the way.

Juyin and Hidaya shared this. You have to order and share! Pretty well done for all! 

They also had the drumlets which was a steal! Really cheap deal here! Didn't try so I no idea on the taste. I was actually eye-ing Terence's buffalo wings! But he sat so far from me! LOL!

Finally my course. Pasta and some grilled fish soaked with tomato sauce. I think this has to be the best pasta ever tasted by me. The pasta was actually Q, very well done! 

Ok, so the effort to change the menu did pay off in some ways. The quality of food was actually much better from previous visits. Though we see an increase in prices. 

Starbucks next to continue our gossip-digging session! HAHA! 

Was really a good good night to chill out with all of them! Miss Flag Comm so much! Actually I kinda miss being in Science Club. It feels more 'family' and definitely much more fun involved too! :')

Anyhow, have been researching our camera these few days! I feel so knowledgeable now! On cameras of cox! Quite set to get my hybrid camera tml! My only worry is that it will be out-of-stock! Went to 4 places today and all of them do not have stock for my HX9V! :< Oh man~ 

Ok, module planning this weekend! I HAVE TOO MUCH THINGS TO DO, BUT TOO LITTLE TIME! WHY AM I SO PACKED?! Yet to study FTT too. T.T 

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