Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Upside down

Relative long entry ahead on another awesome experience with Ho-oH from 04/07-05/07! Though there were some jinx events. :<

1. Hei Sushi @ Downtown East

First outing was a buffet! LOL! Cox our Ho-oh ppl can really eat! But! The thing is Ho-oh eats a lot. But they eat frequent meals in small portions. So maybe buffet not very 'hua' for everyone. :/ So how much I ate? Personal best record of 25 plates! Wheee~ I know I can handle more, but don't wanna bloat myself for NR.

Craving for sushi again!!!

nom nom nom

I can't believe I can eat these much too. Seriously more than 2X of a normal girl's appetite. O.o


Ho-oh all the way! :D 

Basically Hei sushi is a halal version of sakae. Menu wise is more or less the same. But Hei sushi is slightly more expensive. I don't mind coming back though! Their mushroom salmon is my new favourite! But again I ate the potato salad sushi like mad! Think I ate 7 plates this time round? haha! 

2. Kill time.

We had 3 hours to spare before NR at ECP. So this is what we did. 

Ho-oH spent an good 100 bucks at arcade only. 

Then broad games together. Seriously so happy to see everyone bonded so well! ^^

Jinx event no.1! - Hidaya's hp dropped into the toilet bowl! With her pee and red alert! OMG!!! I was badly traumatized. 

3. NR at ECP

So exciting~~~ can flag off with SEC! <3 <3 <3 But Jinx event no. 2! - His OG was in wave 2. John gave the wrong info. MAD SAD!!! NOOO~ Our SEC! :< 

In the end Hidaya and I were like chasing everyone to hurry up so that I can flag off asap to be with SEC! :D 

AND WE DID IT! Lady Luck decides to pity us, SEC's OG was quite delayed with our Ho-oH managed to be quick! Yay! Flagged off slightly after SEC! ^^

Much fun to cycle with Ho-oH and of cox to catch up with SEC! heh heh heh!!! I think I very SEC-poisoned! :X OH! And our safety riders were awesome! Got to know them better before of the don. LOL! 

Supple at rocher beancurd! 

SEC was there too! :D :D :D am I being very obvious? lol!

Proceed on to helix bridge where jinx no. 3! - my camera committed suicide!!! T.T 

We were using self-timer to take photo. Maomao accidently hit my camera and there goes my poor baby. :< 

The shot taken when it handed flat on the ground. OUCHZ!

The last moment of my camera. Haiz. 

Couldn't be anymore suay-er. This is my second camera. Both my cameras died because of lens problems!!! Mad sad! T.T 


Continuing on.. 

At Helix Bridge when my camera is still alive! :(

Early breakfast 4+am at Swee Choon Tim Sum.

Senior's table

Only 1/3 of the food we ordered. 

Back to ECP only at around 7am!! Seriously my longest NR ever! From 10pm to 7am!!! Usually 7am I have already reach home!! Oh well, cox this time round the journey was so much longer! They actually made us cycle all the way into MBS you know! *heartless* LOL! My butt was freaky painful~~~ I have no meat to cushion the bones. T.T Cabbed back home immediately though there was the 30% peak hour charge. A bit regret! Should have stayed at Mac first for breakfast cox SEC WAS THERE!!! Rarhs! LOL! *bimbo*

4. Concuss

Had a simple breakfast toast (prepared by mummy! <3) before I bathed and concuss in bed! Didn't sleep well though. Slept from 8am-11am. Woke up by stomach cramp! T.T Fell back to slp.. 11am-1pm Woke up by my stomach's noise! I was hungry for lunch. T.T Made cup noodles den fell back to slp.. 1pm-4pm. Finally awake. Oh ya, I'm still cramping! I cycled with cramps you know! T.T Jinx event yet again! :<

5. New camera

SONY WHY U DIED!!!! SOBS! Called sony to realise that my warranty expired on 1st May! rarhs! I guess it means a new camera or no camera. Hais. Think I'll get a new one bah. Was thinking of a semi-pro. But I think don't want la. A bit bulky leh! :< I want a hybrid camera instead! $$ fly over~~~ I have the urge to get it tml! But I'm stopping myself! Either this Fri on IT fair bah! More likely this fri. LOL! $$$$$ I need $$$$$!

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