Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ah boy's 20th Birthday Celebration

My beloved brother (yes I love my brother deep inside! LOL!) finally hit the big 20! An early birthday dinner at Momiji.

It has like become a tradition for the family to go for a buffet for any celebration. Anw it is also my 9th buffet this year! OMG! Am I going to break some buffet record? haha! 

Thank you birthday boy for the treat! :P

Anw this is our second visit to Momiji. Previously it was located at poMo, but now at City Square Mall. I have to say that the variety seen to have decreased compared to our previous visit. We didn't enjoy the buffet as much as we did the first time round. Having said that, we still ate a good 3 hours of food. LOL! 

Shall just post some of the memorable food only! :P

Snow crab, the reason we were there. We took 4 plates of these and had daddy to serve us! :P Dad say the crabs weren't fresh enough though. 

I ate this whole plate myself cox I was super craving for sushi! Sadly the family doesn't like sushi! If not I'll always drag them to suki sushi! D: The sushi really doesn't have any good appearance. LOL! But it tasted 'sushi' still. 

I highly recommend the fried salmon. 

Must have the Jap purple potato and cream puff! 

Knowing me, I do not need to speak more. :P

There were also items like fried, grilled, hotplate, paper steamboat, seafood, dim sum, chinese cooked food blah~ You must have a huge stomach like us to really try everything on the menu. LOL! 
The gluttony family

Mummy was like so very funny! She kept complaining that she gained weight and she's like so so fat! But while she was saying that, she was also putting food into her mouth. LOL! 

His actual birthday is today! 

The cake that I promised for him.

Messy like mad. 

I swear this cake is NOT EASY to make! Baking the cake was ok since I baked quite a few sponge cakes before. It was the whipping of cream that killed me! :< No idea how to whip the cream and to ice the cake. :< But so glad there's YOUTUBE! haha! The cake turned out to be so ugly cox I'm bad in icing the cake. :( But my brother was nice enough to say he LOVE the cake! :D My daddy also say the cake not bad! :D ONLY MY MUMMY! Damn bad! Keep saying 'so ugly so ugly'! T.T *emo* LOL! 

Great satisfaction, though my right arm almost dropped on the floor. :p The second cake will definitely be better! GAMBATTE!! 

OMG! I think I really love baking! But I got no time to bake now! :< Barely have time to stay at home too~ Hais.. Have been leading a 8am schedule these few days, either for work/driving/tuition. So sad that I missed SOW too! Feel so down to look at the SOW photos~ Feel so tired these days, thus lost weight. :( 

Anyway, I cycled like 7km today!!! HAHA! Interesting ride to AMK Tech2 without losing my way! Though the trip was such a waste of my time. =.= 

Taken with instagram

Pretty fireworks  (Taken with instagram)
I got goosebumps when I witnessed these beautiful things. It's like life is suddenly so filled with hope!

Chicken stew (Taken with instagram)
I have no time to bake, but I still cooks! Something new on Lirong's menu. Chicken stew with potatoes and carrots!

Pumpkin congee! I can eat this forever!  (Taken with instagram)
Pumpkin congee has became a weekly lunch affair too. :) 


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