Thursday, August 4, 2011

Food and more food

I'M SUPER NEAR MY PRACTICAL TEST! :O BUT! My FTT is even nearer! Like next week and I've yet to prepare! SHIT MAX! D: No desire to study. T.T

Anyhow, today was a mother-daughter day. Head out early in the morning for lesson and was welcomed home by mummy's PUMPKIN CONGEE! <3

A bowl of hot congee on a rainy day is damn SHIOK! Ok, actually we ate 3 bowls each. LOL! I will have zero complaints to have pumpkin every single day. But my dad and bro prolly will! That's why can only cook pumpkin when they are not around. :/ 

Peace cake! :D (Taken with instagram)

Taken with instagram

Baked a Peach Cake after lunch. My hands were itchy. :P Sorry, I'm obsessed with my own bake cox I think the base looked really pretty. LOL!  

Headed out with mummy then to AMK HUB! Just wanna go out and shop. :P and got myself a 'present'.


I fell. :< Quite badly too, kinda a deep cut. Scratches on my foot and toe too. T.T Don't ask me how I fell. I just somehow managed to fall on the GRASS. =.= DON'T LAUGH! KARMA OK! LOL! 

Taken with instagram

We were hungry so decided to bring mummy to POPEYES! Cox she has never tried before! Just a small meal to share cox we gonna have dinner soon. :X Popeyes reminds me of Juyin's tiny 'chicken' LOL! JUYIN!  MINE WERE BIG! :P

Glutton  (Taken with instagram)

Rushed back home to cook dinner for the family! One of my all-time-favourite homemaked dish aka braised seafood noodle. Mummy finally admitted we are a gluttony family cox we actually ate this much! :X The 4 of us each ate 3 full plates to finish the entire noodle! MY GOD~ I think my stomach capacity automatically enlarges when I'm faced with FAVOURITE food! HAHA! 

Conclusion: Ate too much today. :/

Was out yesterday too. FLAG DAY! So hard to actually locate a flagger with yellow armband pls! D:

Old bugis kway chap! instagram)

Lunch at Old Bugis Kway Chap! Seriously can't rmb the last time I ate Kway Chap, maybe 3/4 yrs back? Yes that long ago. Cox Lirong's diet was always Ban Mian/ Hor Fun back then. LOL! I'm very devoted. HAHAHAHA! I requested for nothing more than small + large intestines!! hehehe! They are properly the only internal organs that I would consume. 

More random food pictures below. :P Just for memory sake. 

Mixed balls mee kia (dry) 

Not nice. :(

Prawn noodle (dry)

so-so only. 

This is then my LOVE! haha! From Plaza Sing's Kopitiam. I THINK THEY HAVE THE BEST YTF! :D

Soup version

Dry version

I actually ate these 2 bowls of YTF at one go!! LOL! Told you my stomach capacity is stretchable depending on the food. LOL! I think I'll prolly suffer from kidney failure/ high blood pressure in future *touch wood* Cox the almost of salt I consume is CRAZY~ One bowl of YTF only I can spam 4 ladle of sauces. It's ladle! :X My mummy keep nagging at me for that, but I.can' 

Though I've been heading out lately, I feel really anti-social. Cox I have been missing out on Science Club events. Flag day~ The moment I logged into facebook seeing the many encouragements on flag, I totally regret not heading to school. D:  The desire to join flag comm was back. But there's also another side that's discouraging the idea. :/ Oh well. Join Comm again? We shall see.. I feel we should do something more in Uni than studying! I totally regretted not applying for SEP! :( I wanna do so next sem! But is there enough time? Seniors say must start FYP like end of this coming sem. :( Oh man~ I really wanna go for an exchange! T.T Why did I procrastinate? D: 

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