Monday, August 8, 2011

Goodbye SUMMER, hello HELL

Had a really busy weekend! But it was fun max! Kinda a great way to end the summer. :)

1. Colagate event @ Compass Point

I think this is by way the most memorable work with MOMENTUM! I thought 12hrs of work will be a total suicide attempt. But it turned out kinda well! I think cox I really enjoyed working with the people and there were chairs to sit. LOL! Kinda a challenging job to handle the crowds and patients, but glad my partner was quite experienced in this area! :D

So much to love about this event!

1. The kids are super adorable! I just wanna play with them!!!
2. The people definitely! 24hrs (2days) for me to bond with them! :D and I'm extremely delighted that my colleagues actually thought that I'm only 17yrs old! Some even believed when I told them I'm still in secondary school! WAHAHAHAHAHA!! :p
3. Invaluable experience.
4. Hidaya came to stay-over for 2 nights! I wanted to post her unglam slpping posture at first but decided to let her off this time. She is sad enough to be homeless/moneyless/ID-less. :< Glad to have her with me! She taught me to appreciate rock bands! and I'm totally in love with them now. :') Shall post some of the MVs some time later. :P


Lunched both days at kopitiam cox I have too many of their cards!:P BTW KOPITIAM IS COMING TO FERNVALE! OMG! I WAS DAMN EXCITED THAT MY DREAM CAME TRUE! THANK YOU GOD!! ^^

Lunch time~ seafood noodle!:D (Taken with instagram)

Seafood Beehoon Soup

Trust me, I cook better seafood soup than they do. 

My lunch! :D (Taken with instagram)

Traditional Yong Tau Foo set

Has never eaten such a YTF set before! Sth new, but I still prefer the one which you can pick whatever you like. :D haha!

2. Outing with JC mates

I forced suggested to catch Captain America together before dinner and I think I'm really falling in love with marvel comics! Can't wait for the next summer for Thor, X-Men and Avengers!!! I totally wiki the marvel comics the moment I got home! Man! I'm hooked!

My superheros knowledge has been enriched.

Dinner next at my all time favourite  Tasty Thailand aka Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant. No longer all time favourite, read on to find out. 

The must order, almost all tables will have these dishes on them!

1. Pineapple rice

It used to have more pineapples and pork floss, the dish now is so lack of fragrance. :(

2. Thai style sweet and sour fish

The only dish that I would say is still quite similar to the past. Mainly because of the sweet & sour sauce!:D I basically can eat it with anything! haha!

3. Deep fried Sotong.

You can't go wrong with deep-fried items. 

4. Tom Yum Soup.

This was a super disappointment. The whole soup was basically water with barely much 'liao' inside. :( Lacking the kick too.

The normal tze char items next.

1. Kang Kong

Lousy also.

2. Hotplate egg tofu

Yet another unforgettable dish. 

3. Kong Pow Ji Ding

Seriously, rather than calling it Kong Pow, it should be called sweet sauce ji ding pls! Actually the dish was nice if you don't think that it's suppose to be Kong Pow! haha!

<3 crazies! 

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