Thursday, August 11, 2011

So it all ended on a good note.

School officially starts TODAY for everyone, everyone except for the slacker me. :P School starts on monday for me! :D It's official! I did not pon school ok! That's the first reaction when I tell ppl I starts school on mon. =.= I know it's awesome right? :D

09/08: NUS RAG DAY + NDP

This year's RAG DAY was special, it was held in conjunction with NDP! So the whole rag was actually held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay! It was a damn freaking awesome one hell of an experience!!!  

Meet up with <3 Ho-oh before heading down together. 

These 2 guys are by far my 2 favourite freshies! Can't stop laughing with them around! :D

Lunched @ Soup Spoon! Though I had a very huge breakfast (cox I thought we wont be having lunch. =.=) 

Lirong is a PUMPKIN FREAK! HAHAHAHAHA! Tasted all the rest of their soups, but none is comparable to pumpkin. LOL! My statement is damn bias I know. :P 

The weather was burning HOT!!! I stole Sihao's umbrella. :P 


Ho-oh like seriously ROX!!! 

NDP after Rag day! :D Stayed for the fireworks!! DAMN PRETTY~

Honestly, I was super touched by this year's NDP! The song really warms my heart! :') 

Dessert with Ho-oh before heading back! :D Again Sihao and Jack never fail to entertain us! Especially like Jack!! He's the first guy friend that I know actually likes strawberries!! LOl! These 2 are seriously EPIC! :D I'm actually looking forward to the next Ho-oh outing! :D :D :D

Oh, so results of RAG DAY? Oh well, we returned the shields this year.. to BUSINESS. Oh well, it's ok~ They have the $$ to buy the awards but they definitely do not have the $$ to buy the spirit! No one cheers as loud and as proud as us, THE SCIENCE FACULTY. Seriously everyone hears us LOUD and CLEAR. We are clearly one united faculty and I really love this united spirit!! I'm also really proud of the Pharmacy too! Their never say die spirit though the music fails them. THAT'S THE WAY! Yeah, I think Law deserve their awards too. It was a great performance by everyone! CERTAINLY ONE HELL GREAT EXPERIENCE! Glad the freshies were there to witness NUS RAG DAY! The high-ness, the SCIENCE spirit and ultimately the NUS spirit when everyone cheers for the PHARM! :') It was a great way to celebrate NDP, feeling proud to be in NUS and even more being a Singaporean! 

10/08: Swatow dim sum buffet

Yes, I ate buffet again. :X My number 10 buffet for this year and it's only Aug! LOL! Dim Sum! Have been craving for a long long time and finally we are there~ 

Glad Swatow did not disappoint me! :D The food was good! 

The goods aka ate more than one serving:

Crispy Char Siew Pastry

I always love this dim sum. The crispy skin and the honey char siew is such a match! 


Definitely wrong to eat congee for a buffet. But the serving was quite small and the congee was really good! Basically you can almost just drink it! :D 

Siew Mai

Very juicy and meaty! 

Guess what's these? Fried durian!!! 

As a durian freak I can't resist this plate!! AWESOME~ 

Redbean pastry

You know I'm a red bean freak too! HAHA! 

Sesame Pau

I was surprised that the pau actually has running sesame lave in it! Totally must have! 

Custard egg yolk pau

Running lava! But after eating 3 of these, I was overwhelmed by the smell of the egg yolk. :X 

Sesame paste! I LOVE! :D

Redbean paste! :D 

Abalone ~ 

Such a luxury? haha! One each only, but I had the luxury to have 3! Cox Paula and Ervin were too full to have them! HOORAY to me! HAHA! Good to have friends who can't eat much eh? LOL! 

Redbean pau!

Look at the blurry photo you prolly know who hot the pau was and I so love it! Wanted to have more but they say no more le.. T.T *heart break*

Char Siew Pau.

Another must have! Wanted more, but run out again! T.T

The ok-oks aka didn't bother to have more:

chee cheong fun

glutinous rice 

Deep fried beancurd skin w prawns filling

Shark fin soup. 

Hardly any shark fin though, more of a gigantic dumpling soup!

Deep fried prawn fritters

braised chicken feet

I don't dare to eat. :X only tried a bit bit.. HAHA! 

Deep fried yam cake

Would be better if it was warmer 

Deep fried fritter w mango and prawns

xiao long bao

Sadly the skin was so bad that it couldn't hold the soup. Such a waste. :( 

Paper wrapped chicken 

Basically like roasted chicken. 

Deep fried fritter w durian and prawns

I find the combi kinda weird.

Deep fried prawns.

Har gao

The bad aka don't bother trying:

Gui ling gao was BITTER! T.T while Mango one was too SWEET! LOL.

Egg tarts

The tart was super hard and the filling was like non existent. LOL 

Pork ribs.

Like all bones and quite tasteless to me.

Deep fried yam fritter.

It was too salty and was cold. Maybe it will taste better if served warmer. :/

I think there should be more varieties but we didn't get to try them all. The serving speed was kinda slow, I was basically looking around for trolleys. BECOX THEY WERE SO SLOW TO FEED MY STOMACH! :(  LOL! 

It wasn't very buffet to me, cox I was NOT FULL at all.. :/ But I'll definitely come back for the items that I love! :D already booked a date with my family 26th to revisit Swatow! HAHA! 


They are always shocked by my huge appetite. But they haven't meet my mummy! She eats way more than I do! LOL! I think the gene runs in my family. :P Don't ask me how I can eat so much and not gain the weight. I can't answer you, maybe metabolism? I HAVE NO WORMS PLS! Ok, I think bad adsorption bah? I visited the toilet right after buffet. LOL! 

I really think this is a very great 'talent' given by god! HAHA! I wonder what a guy might think when they he sees a girl that actually eat so much more than him? :/ Run away? LOL! I know I need a guy who can really eat more than me! Hard to find right! HAHAHA! 

Caught Horrible Bosses after buffet

Hmm.. It was really funny!! But I find the whole plot really a joke! Guys can watch for Jennifer Aniston! LOL!  Or to just kill time and have a good laugh at their stupidism.

Witnessing the moment when Hidaya break fast. LOL!

Thank you Paula for the masks and notebook! :D 

I'm so grateful for FOP! Otherwise I wouldn't have met so many awesome people! :') 


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